More from Willimantic, CT

by imageguy

In my last post I included a photo I took in Willimantic, CT over the Christmas holidays. I visit there often because my mother-in-law lives in Columbia nearby. My wife and her family grew up there. Her sisters have moved away as has her father, but her two brothers still live in the area as well as other family. Christmas has always been at her Mom’s house as long as we have been together.

I ventured out the day before Christmas, early in the morning. I like that time of day for street photography because there are few people about and I like that deserted feeling of the streets before people rise and traffic picks up. The early morning sun creates nice shadows and textures.

power pole and mural

I went looking primarily for Christmas decorations. I have a section on my website I call Ornamental America. It’s mostly about things people use to decorate their yards. It’s always fascinated me to see what people do with whirly-gigs and old tires and unused toilets and shrines made from old bathtubs. So I look for these things and other interesting bits of yard art. And Christmas, of course, offers great opportunities for decoration.Christmas decorations on a porch

Christmas yard

The area between downtown and Eastern Campus changes rapidly as you move up the hill, from a more economically depressed neighborhood to rather well-to-do and upscale. There are many large old Victorian houses in various states of renovation.
house with hydrangea

I spent some time walking the main drag through the business district. Numerous store fronts are empty as is the case in many old industrial towns. I often look for displays of Americanism. And the Hispanic flavor is evident nearly everywhere.

Willimantic street

Billiard factory

Las Palmas Bar

Cat in window

Painted door

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