Winter is not so bad afterall, when you stop to look.

by imageguy

As much as I may complain about the winter weather, it’s really a beautiful time of year. I grew up in the South so experiencing winter in the Northeast was a wonderful experience when I first moved up here. I don’t ski or snowshoe like I used to, but still appreciate the winter beauty of this region. I often complain when I come in from shovelling the drive but mornings like today make me realize how nature can please in any season.trees in my back yard in winter

Normally Sunday mornings are my day to sleep in, but my wife and daughter are down in the city this weekend and I have morning dog duty. Margot woke me at 3:00 a.m. to go out, so I put her back in her crate, threw some more wood in the stove and went back to bed until she woke me up at 7:00. I looked out the window after coming down to let her out. There were four does casually strolling through the yard, pawing about for whatever they could find to eat. After a small breakfast I took the dog out to walk up our hill. The landscape is amazingly quiet in the winter. I could hear our waterfall out back but there was little else until we reached the top of the hill where two crows were harassing a large red tailed hawk in top of the trees across the road. Margot loves the snow and digs about attracted to the scent of every small mouse or vole that burrows under the leaves.

The sun was just coming over the treetops and small clouds sent light flurries drifting down. The morning sun across the surface of the lake illuminated wispy steam rising off the warmer surface. My ears hurt from the cold.

The Fingerlakes region is known for its gorges and waterfalls and I am fortunate to live in close proximity to several. In winter they freeze and thaw and create amazing ice sculptures and frost all about. Winter is not so bad afterall, when you stop to look.

Taughanock Falls in winter