Nature is coming…and she’s bringing flowers!

by imageguy

Twelve days ago we had a foot of heavy wet snow on the ground. It seemed as though winter would never loose its grip on us. But over the last several days there were a few days that were glorious with warm breezes and sunshine, and suddenly, as spring is apt to do in this part of the world, the earth began to bloom.

White Trillium



blue irises


The green of spring is so strong in contrast to the grays and browns of the still barren trees and shrubs. But Nature, in its unrelenting regularity, will bless us with flowers, beautiful flowers. The magic of nature lies in its beauty and sophistication and diversity.





Indian Paintbrush


Star Flower
I wonder if the other animals see the beauty of flowers. If they realize how remarkable they are in structure and design and purpose. Certainly the bees and moths and hummingbirds and other pollinating creatures must feel something is unique about them, that they are drawn so compellingly and purposefully to visit them. But do they sit and think and muse over their beauty, and fragrance, and thank nature for their blessing?


Amaryllis macro




All those elements of flowers that are so pleasant to us that actually serve great purpose in nature’s design are seldom considered by us as functional. We appreciate the fragrance of a rose, yet the smell is there as an attraction for bees, just as the specific colors, many of which we do not see in the same way as insects, are there shining like a target in the landscape.
Sunflower field


Sea Island flowers



Black-eyed Susans
We cut flowers, we wear flowers, we eat flowers, we decorate our homes and yards with flowers, we paint them and sculpt them and give them as gifts of love. We treasure them among the most desirable objects that nature provides. Perhaps there is a correlation between flowers and women. Both are nature’s sources of reproduction of the species, the birthing mechanism, the providers of new life, nature’s most sensual creations. And both, through our attraction to their beauty, are celebrated in our art. Probably more than just about anything else. Even the most undesirable weeds of a field can be objects of beauty because nature dresses them up with color and lace and all manner of attraction.

Queen Anne's Lace and Chicory


Flowers on Bostwick Rd.
We are blessed with flowers. They bring value and satisfaction and happiness to our lives. How did we get so lucky?


If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.
– Buddha


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