A Mother’s Day Gift

by imageguy

It’s Mother’s Day and I have a surprise for my wife. I spent about three months earlier this year going through photos of my daughter and our family in order to make a book for my wife for Mother’s Day. I scanned over a hundred negatives and chose all my favorite pictures of my daughter and her Mom and some other family members from the first seven years of my daughter’s growing up (she’s almost 16 now). But as she’s gotten older, she’s been less willing to pose for pictures and more absent with her busy social life so she’s at home less. So these were the richer years for images and I’m so glad I documented them as well as I did.

I wanted to share here just a portion of the images that went into the book and also to say to my wife, thank you for being such a great mother to this girl. What you have been willing to sacrifice for her, always wrapped in love and deep, deep caring, and the example you have been and values you have instilled in her have made her a beautiful, spectacular, and wonderful human being. She is loved and admired by so many, and is a strong, elegant, caring young woman now. Thank you for all you do and all you give.

Coming home day.

sleeping baby

Sleeping child.

playing with doll

Baby doll.

at the table

Hard at work.

mother and daughter

Mother and daughter.

portrait 1

Our girl.

in the pool

In the pool.

feeding deer

Feeding the deer.

Eating cake

Feeding Mom.

At the playground

At the playground.





four generations

Four generations.

watching TV

Watching TV.

playing dressup

Playing dress-up.

On the phone

On the phone with Grandma.


Way cool!

broken arms

Two broken arms.


My favorite clown.


whale watch

Whale watch.


first day of school

First day of school.


At the cape



The Shortest Journey

The sweetest moments to recall,
stay locked within our minds…
those moments with our children,
(by far the sweetest kind)

To see our children learning
and growing more each day…
these moments are so precious
and too soon they slip away.

We hold the memories tightly
and time does not impair…
the bond between a mother
and the children in her care.

It seems before we know it,
we blink and they are grown…
from childhood to adulthood;
the shortest journey ever known.

—© Jill Lemming

Happy Mother’s Day.

All images are copyright © George Cannon / All rights reserved.