It’s Wedding Season

by imageguy

Last Saturday I spent the day in Syracuse as a second shooter with my very good friend and photographer extraordinaire, Frank DiMeo, photographing Mike and Kristi’s wedding. This is not my regular bag but it is Frank’s and I love doing this with him. It’s great to see Frank work and I always feel like I’m at school when I’m watching him. He’s so creative and so good with people. But it was a blast and the entire wedding party and families were terrific.

Frank went to photograph the girls getting ready while I waited for the groomsmen at the church in Baldwinsville.groomsman waiting


pinning the flower

Mike and groomsman

The church was large and spacious, but a tough lighting situation. The ceremony was beautiful, the minister allowing us free access to shoot whatever we wanted. He was humorous and easy while still remaining reverent and serious. A marvelous person.


minister profile

flower girls

red flowers

Frank set up the after ceremony shots where the light was soft and full inside, then moved out to a beautiful garden outside. It’s so great to go along as the second shooter because he takes all the pressure off me since he’s responsible for all the “must get” pictures, and leaves me free to get creative, look for tight shots and special moments.

Kristi and Mike


Kristi and Mike 2

the bride

We followed the limo into Syracuse for more wedding party shots at Franklin Park, a beautiful little square in the middle of an area of historic factory buildings that have been artfully restored. The sky had clouded over and the light was soft and flattering. Frank set up the group shots and again left me free to watch and look for the a different perspective and happenings outside the posed pictures.

Mike and guys

the ring


bridesmaids' flowers


The reception was at the Oncenter, a huge space with a grand feeling. The DJ’s were fantastic and had people dancing all night.

Oncenter lobby

Kristi with DJ

hugging Grandmother

Weddings are so inspiring for everyone, with love of family, young and old, good friends, romance, probably the most fun and festive occasion we experience. And rightfully so.

bride and groom sitting

Father daughter

dancing 3

dancing 1

dancing 2


Frank DiMeo

I thank Frank for taking me along and trusting in my photographic talents as a supporting member. And I thank Mike and Kristi for putting on such a great party. In spite of the fact that I was working, it was great fun.