A Love Fest in Saratoga

by imageguy

It was wedding time again, this time with Katie and Matt in Saratoga Springs.

Again I went as second shooter with Frank DiMeo and again it was a blast. Frank is a marvel to watch. And a creative genius. As we entered the Gideon Putnam Hotel where the wedding couple so kindly arranged for us to stay, Frank spotted two phone booths in the hall way and immediately his creative mind knew this was an ideal spot for some great images. He eventually shot the bride and groom there and the pictures were fabulous. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Saratoga Springs is a gorgeous upstate town with the famous race track, amazing parks and gardens, springs and spas, Saratoga water, great shops and main street, and full of hospitality. The Gideon Putnam is a spa and resort hotel with incredible grounds and beautiful rooms, and an endless array of great locations to shoot.

Gideon Putnam

We arrived on Friday and shot the wedding rehearsal dinner at the home of Matt’s parents. The weather was fantastic and the night was full of gifts and toasts and pictures both taken and shown.



The theme was tropical and the party went until late in the evening. Frank and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning going over images and pulling out highlights for a Sunday slide show.

Katie and Friend


Katie and Matt

Katie and Mom


The wedding day began early as we drove around looking for Katie, the bride, who was supposed to be out running in the park with two of her friends. We never found her, but did find some great locations in the early morning light for later shoots. We met Katie and two of her wedding party at the hairdresser’s later then headed over to Katie’s mother’s house where they would be getting ready for the wedding taking place there later in the afternoon.

doing nails

The house backs up to Saratoga Lake and was a beautiful setting. The girls were lighter than air about the house with make up and nails and dressing. Frank did a stunning job documenting the bride getting ready. I left the preparations to go to Matt’s place to cover the guys getting their act together.

fixing the bow tie

Matt's Dad

Matts Mom and Dad

The day was beautiful and clear, but quite warm, and there was a slight threat of rain late in the day. The showers, unfortunately, did materialize just in time to foil the group pictures at the wedding site and forcing a new plan at the Gideon where the reception was held.

red roses



Matt and Katie 2

The room was spectacular and as was to be expected, the party went well into the night. The rain stopped early enough to get outside and shoot the necessary group pictures before the light of day faded. The bride and groom had planned a slightly uncharacteristic but fun reception, foregoing the traditional wedding cake in favor of an ice cream sundae bar. And to augment their memories, a photo booth was installed outside the main dining area for snapshots of attendees and family. A great idea. There was no bouquet toss or garter routine. Just a continuous stream of dance music and a lot of fun.

Katie and Matt dance 2

Katie and Matt Dance 1

Katie's Aunt and bridesmaid

Brother's toast

Katie and Mom dance

Matt and Katie 3

Once the party ended, Frank and I, once again, went to work pulling out images from the entire day, to make a slide show that would be shown at the two brunches to follow on Sunday, and again went to bed with little time left for sleep. The slide shows the next day, narrowed to about three hundred images from twice that many that we had pulled out as possible images to use, were a big hit. It’s so amazing to have pictures available for everyone to see the next day. The technology today is just fantastic.



dancing 1

dancing 2

dancing 3

Katie and Matt were up for more pictures at 6:00 AM on Sunday and Frank went out with them to shoot at the early morning spots we had seen the day before. He had previsualized great stuff in advance and put it all together in that gorgeous light to make a spectacular series of shots with the wedding couple. (These will eventually show up on his blog for sure). I, on the other hand, took the opportunity to get some additional, much needed sleep. They came back to the Gideon and I met them for the final morning pictures in the phone booths and some great stuff in their bedroom. It’s so great to work with a couple that’s so into creating great images and great memories. They were so much fun to shoot and so obviously happy to be together. My thanks go out to Katie and Matt for taking good care of us, to their parents who were so hospitable and gracious, and to Frank for including me as part of a team. I learn from you every time.


All images are Copyright © George Cannon, all rights reserved.