A Great Party in Ithaca with Eddie and Cortney

by imageguy

Another late night last night at The Statler Hotel in Ithaca on the Cornell Campus. Once again I was second shooter with Frank DiMeo for another terrific wedding. Cortney and Eddie are both Cornellians and chose Sage Chapel on the Cornell campus as the location for their wedding. A terrific couple, teamed up with a large, fun loving wedding party made for a great party.

stained glass

I hooked up with Frank at Julie Stone’s Hair Salon where the girls were getting their hair and makeup done. Then went off to catch the guys getting set for the wedding at the Statler.

groom in room

guy in chair

groom and best men

The group was very laid back and relaxed. I shot a lot of images at the hotel then we all walked to Sage and stopped along the way for a few more pictures.

pocket watch

acting crazy


The ceremony was a traditional Catholic service and quite beautiful in Sage with the high beamed ceilings, beautiful stained glass and mosaics. Music was from a string quartet.

priest and groomsmen

bride and groom

After the formalities and some group shots outside, Frank and I climbed into the limo with the bride and groom to go find some locations.

bridesmaids and flowers


bride and groom at the arches

hands and gown

We went back to a couple of nearby spots where Frank likes to shoot and got some beautiful images from a very cooperative wedding couple who were really into getting something great. Watch Frank’s blog for pictures that will knock your socks off of these two.

Back at the hotel the party was in full swing. DJ Nicky Wood kept the music going non-stop with masterful transitions and a great selection. You know it’s good when everybody on the dance floor is singing at the top of their lungs to “Living on a Prayer” and the parents are out dancing the fraternity brothers.

dad dancing

bride singing

groom and guests

female guest

girls dancing

It was a great party in spite of the very long day. I’m mostly recovered, but still yawning. Weddings are amazing events, the way they bring out the love among everyone. We all need the stimulus of this kind of over flowing of love and family and friendship and emotion. It’s inspiring.

couple 1

couple 2

Thanks Cortney and Eddie and thanks again Frank. You’re one of the hardest working guys I know.

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