Summer’s End in Ottawa

by imageguy

The last day of Summer was graced with beautiful blue skies and a stiff warm breeze in Ottawa where Jack and Joyce exchanged their vows and joined their lives. My wife has known Jack since college so I’ve known Jack about as long as I’ve known my wife and he is one of our dearest friends. Jack and Joyce are both parents of beautiful young adults from previous marriages and so are experienced people. But their wedding ceremony made it so clear how young at heart, romantic, and in love they are with each other.


We had driven up on Friday in order to have dinner with them and our friends, Peggy and Vito, and a few of Jack’s family from out of town. We met at the Green Papaya, a wonderful Thai restaurant on the Quebec side, across from the incredible Museum of Civilization. After dinner we strolled across to take in the view of the city across the river. Ottawa is so beautiful. A gorgeous, fun night.

Jack and Hanna

museum of civilization

The ceremony on Saturday was at Keg Manor and Maplewood Gardens. A beautiful old mansion converted to a restaurant with a sweet walled garden.

bride and groom

Joyce and Hanna

Joyce and sons

young girl

Later, in the patio area, Jack sang to his bride. And Jack’s beautiful daughter, Hanna, performed two lovely songs for the newly-weds. Dinner was splendid with more songs from the groom and beautiful words from Joyce reminding us to live every day to the fullest. The party afterwards moved to their house where we partied and socialized until after midnight.

Jack sings



Jack and Joyce

Jack and Vito sing

There were more musical performances at the house from Joyce’s son’s band. Not my genre but extremely entertaining.

son playing guitar

In the basement of the house is Jack’s Grotto. The Grotto is famous among those who know Jack and it has existed in several iterations over the years in Jack’s varied residences. He is a collector of the unusual. The Grotto houses Jack’s collections of old postcards of the Flat Iron Building and “Painted Moon” photos, about two hundred corkscrews, and the prize collection of grotesque lamps. The lamps are the real attraction. He’s been collecting them for years and they have to fall into specific criteria. Besides being odd, tacky, and grotesque, they cannot cost more than $10. It’s a cozy, tiny, museum, where friends gather, converse, drink good wine, and experience an incredible, eclectic collection of odd things.

jack in the grotto

lamps in the grotto

We had a marvelous time. And to Jack and Joyce and their wonderful kids, we wish you all the happiness and love, just as you have always shown it to all of us. You are special people and it was a joy to meet your family and share your celebration.

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