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by imageguy

It’s been almost a year since I began this blog. I started December 31, 2006. I wasn’t really sure, when I started, exactly what it would be or look like or where it would take me. What it has been is a surprise. I’m nearing 24,000 hits and have been averaging 200 hits a day for a while. I know by some bloggers’ standards this is barely being seen. But for me, every day that I top my best day is fantastic. I don’t know where all this traffic comes from. But one of my goals in doing this was to get some exposure for my photography. And it certainly has done that. So I guess one goal accomplished. It has been instrumental in getting me to photograph more. It’s like going to the gym. I need that push, that impetus, to make me pick up my gear and get out the door. And I’m always glad that I did afterwards. Another goal was to write more. At least once a week. I haven’t always posted on a regular weekly basis, but have been pretty steadfast about it. This will be my 57th post in a year so I guess I’m doing better than I had originally set out to do. I think the discipline of forcing myself to find a topic and write has been wonderful for both personal growth and training my writing skills. It has helped me to look back, to think about the past, and to set goals for the future. It has helped me to look inward, to examine my beliefs, to write about what’s important to me. And to share with others, my photography, my art, my thoughts, my history, my family, my opinions, my desires. To share these things with people I don’t know, and to come to know people that I hadn’t before. That has been the biggest surprise. Blogging has introduced me to a whole community of people from all over who share similar things. The desire to make contact with the world, the need to be recognized, to say I’m here and I have something important to share. And it has brought to my intimate space in front of this monitor a sense of connectedness to others who are incredibly human, and caring, and feeling, and wise. People who are willing to share their joys and their sorrows by allowing me to read their journals and know that my experience too is valid and understood and not uncommon. I want to tell all of you who read this blog regularly how much I appreciate you. How much I depend on you being there. And how much joy it brings me to know you read this and to receive your comments. Thank you all.

So the images on this post are a look back over the year. A look back at where I’ve been this year and what I’ve seen and what I’ve photographed. I’ll have to do this as two or three posts because, as I look at the images I want to look back at, there’s just too many to narrow it down to 15 or so. Photographically it’s been a big year for me. I finally got off my lazy butt and set up my photography as a business. I established a working relationship with a very good friend and photographer only to have it fall apart and lose not only the working relationship but the friendship as well. Very sad about that. I had an image from long ago noticed by a producer in California and picked up for use in a PBS documentary. I have a couple of pictures coming out in the next issue of JPG magazine. I’ve shot weddings, a bar mitzvah, portraits and performances. And I’ve made some pictures this year that I am very proud of. I upgraded my computer equipment to the system I’ve always dreamed of and have set new goals for the coming year to make my business grow. All in all, a very good year. Now how do I top this? Just keep shooting and writing and let it all happen I suppose. Thanks again to all of you. Here are some images from the past year.

I looked back at the past.

The grandfather I never knew.

W. M. Alred

Ithaca Gun, now defunct.

ithaca gun

aging trucks…

aging truck 1

aging truck 2

I shot at the boat yard again.

boatyard 1

boatyard 2

And continued my series on Ornamental America.

OA 1




There were performances…



and proms…



dance 1

dance 2

dance 3

and fireworks.


and there’s more

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