In the Deep Freeze

by imageguy

The season is upon us and even in the hectic craziness of all the shoppers and planning for the holidays, things begin to slow. I feel like I can take a deep breath and just lay back a little. Working for a university has its perks in that I get all next week off and a few days beyond. Although my wife is expecting me to work on our bedroom after we return from Connecticut. So a working break. I also have a presentation coming up that I have to finish preparing for. At least I’m home. We decorated the house a little for my daughter’s holiday party last week, rented a hot tub, and entertained about twenty-five teenagers. We put lights up from the exposed beams in the living room and they keep the place feeling kind of festive.

house with lights

I sat in the hot tub last Sunday as the snow drifted down, almost stinging when it landed on my exposed arms as I laid back in the warm bubbly water. The hot tub jets were the only sound other than the waterfall down in the gorge. Geese flew quietly overhead and the last few oak leaves still clinging in the trees betrayed the breeze that stirred. I could smell the smoke from the woodstove inside and quietly meditated in the winter solitude. It was blissful.


This morning I took Margot to the kennel to board while we are away. Fortunately she loves the kennel. Gets to bark herself hoarse. She’s loved the snow and buries her face in it, scrubs and rolls in it. The cats on the other hand get pretty stir crazy and ornery, fighting with each other and wanting to scratch apart the furniture.We’ve had a cold start to the season with more gray days than normal and a bit more snow. But white is the color for Christmas landscapes, so I’ll wish for a thaw in January. Wow, January.


Another year done. Seems like I just turned in last year’s tax returns and here they come again. Scary how fast the time passes as you age. Happy holidays everyone.

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