Urban Landscape, Part 1

by imageguy

In the years that I worked as a professional photographer, I shot mostly nature and landscape photos. Rocks and trees, flowers and mushroom, vistas and waterfalls. But when I first began to take pictures, it was the urban landscape that captured my attention for the most part. I grew up outside Atlanta, Georgia in a town called Decatur. In those days Atlanta was a small metropolis compared to today. A manageable big city of just over a million people. I spent a lot of time on the streets of Atlanta as I got older and as photography became my passion. I shot black and white in those days.

Fox theatre

Red Ace Club

garage doors

And I always felt like Atlanta was a visual playground. I worked for a Pontiac dealership and had a demonstrator to drive, a Luxury LeMans. I would go out on Sunday mornings and drive around Atlanta when the streets were nearly empty, and felt like I owned the city. It was mine for the picking. I took a lot of pictures in those days.


Royal Palms

storefront with vase

Today, as I shoot for myself and shoot with an artist’s perspective in mind, I am still drawn to the urban landscape. I’ve never been that fascinated with people in particular, but seem to be so attracted to what people do, what we build, what we create and destroy, what we collect and what we discard, what we decorate our lives with and the mark we leave on this planet. What we value, and what we neglect. Our possessions, our clutter.

bike and flag

cosmetics factory

building, Willimantic

I wonder if thousands of years from now archaeologists will be digging up our cities and towns, marveling at the foundations made of reinforced concrete and masonry blocks, the remnants of asphalt roads, salvaging paint chips and graffiti on walls, marveling over the fragments of ipods and cds and milk cartons and petrified disposable diapers. Thinking, what a civilization. How did they ever survive? Placing Chia-pets in museum cases as art of our times. What kind of god did this represent? What will last? What will be the important discoveries? What will we be remembered for?

verizon bldg

parking lot

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