Of Grace and Beauty

by imageguy

Last night was the annual talent show for the local school system. Elementary, Middle, and High School students performing for a packed auditorium. I am always a bit in awe of the talent that exists among the young people of this community. Particularly the more mature voices of some of the high school students and the amazing piano players.

My great joy and pride was at the performance of my daughter who danced solo in a piece she choreographed herself to “Perfect” by Alanis Morissette. I have seen her dance so many times with her dance team, even last night. The Armstrong Dance team performed three of their new numbers at the show while the judges tabulated the scores.

dance team

But I have not seen her dance solo on stage until last night. She was poise and grace, joy and passion, a beautiful expression of youth and confidence and beauty. Her interpretation of the music was exquisite and her choreography and movement a testament to her dedication to her dance and the years of practice she has so steadfastly pursued.

on stage 1

You can probably tell that I am a somewhat proud father, made even more proud at the reaction and applause of the audience, to know they appreciated her talent and let her know. My joy for her was at its peak.

on stage 2

on stage 3

I don’t know that she understands how much joy her dance brings to me. I gush with praise after she performs and I’m sure it feels like what every kid would hope and expect their parents to do. But I know from growing up as the youngest of four children in a household with parents who barely saw me everyday, feeling very invisible, that it’s so important to see and recognize your children. To be aware of their goals and their passions and their successes and failures. And to understand what these things mean to their lives. My daughter dances from her heart. Like the poetry she writes, I know she feels deeply about expression, and dance and writing and drawing are her art, her outlets. She is a young woman of great passion as are many teenagers. I am so grateful that she has learned to express it in ways that reward her and enhance her character and soul. And also to the great benefit of we who get to watch her.

on stage 4

Thank you my daughter.

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