A Week With Some Sunshine

by imageguy

The week has been somewhat disjointed. The winter weather has been good and bad. Rain today while I take a day off to catch up on some personal business. But some days of sunshine, always a welcome sight this time of year. Even when it’s cold outside, the sunshine makes it just feel warmer and more inviting.

door with sun

cat in the sun

hats and jackets

I’ve been struggling with writing this week. Just not in the mood or my head too full of other stuff to sit down quietly at the computer and take stock of some images. I have been posting to my new blog, Artcards, with singular images that have been photoshopped into photoart. My wife and daughter were down in the city for the PDTA dance competitions over the weekend so I spent the time quietly catching up on paper work and bookkeeping, getting ready for taxes, walking the dog, and actually took a couple of naps on the sofa while the dog curled up next to me and I watched Tiger Woods run away with another title. I don’t play golf. But I love to watch Tiger play.

kitchen stained glass


I was pleased to get my little Minolta A-1 back from repair this week. The sensor went bad and, fortunately, because of a class action lawsuit against Konica-Minolta (which has since gone out of the camera business turning over all their support services to Sony) the repair was done for free. A number of sensor failures in the last issues of Minolta cameras led to the lawsuit and the settlement has made the repairs available at no charge. If you have a Minolta camera that has had a sensor failure you should look into the website regarding the settlement. I love this little camera. It was my first digital and has always taken great pictures. My daughter’s boyfriend, Tony, had given her some beautiful tulips for their first anniversary, so I took advantage of the flowers on the table to test out the repair job. Everything seems to be back in working order. Minolta always made great optics and for a 5 megapixel camera, it takes exceptional pictures.

tulips 1

tulips 2

tulips 3

The sun was shining yesterday afternoon as I drove home. The days getting slightly longer and when the sky is without clouds, the warm low sun at 4:30 is really quite painterly. The lake was very still as I came up route 89 lacking even the hint of a breeze. When you’re on the west side of the lake, in the shadows, the blue light seems to make the sunlit distant shore even more warm and golden. Up the lake, the power plant gave off its steam into the chilled air and I felt I had to find a location to shoot the reflections in the water. I drove to the bottom of our road at Camp Barton boy scout camp and walked out onto the shore at the family camp ground. The lake levels are quite low at this time of year and the docks stand tall out of the water, wide shorelines exposed. A small flock of geese took off in the distance, but the rest of the scene was still and quiet.

lake cottages

lake with reflections

We wait patiently for spring, for the melt of the ice and the warmth of southern breezes. Florida beckons to me as I pull my collar up and turn back to my car.

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