Color Guard

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Our friend, Tricia, has been a member of the Color Guard team in Trumansburg for five years. This is her senior year and she’ll be leaving the guard squad this year. I had never been to a Color Guard competition until last night. I went to see Tricia and to see my daughter dance again. Her dance team performed three numbers during the competition as additional exhibition pieces. But the entire process of Color Guard competitions was a new experience for me.

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dance team 1

If you’ve never been to one of these competitions it’s rather amazing. I am no expert on the ins and outs but it seems that most of the teams are composed of girls with just a single boy on some of the teams. They enter the gym, often with a group of adults and/or fellow student helpers, and must pull into place a large tarp that covers the floor. Then set up additional props and place their flags and swords and rifles that they perform with all about the space in preparation. This whole process is timed, along with their exit, and judged on a point basis right along with their actual performance.

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Several schools from about the region were represented from as far away as Syracuse and Binghamton. The Trumansburg Senior Guard only performed in exhibition since they were the hosts, but the Junior Guard did compete. The routines consist of dance, precision, acrobatics, and skillful manipulation of large flags, swords, and rifles. It’s so very odd to see these beautiful, graceful kids in costumes and makeup tossing and spinning weapons as props.

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I assume it comes from the evolution of what a color guard has become, having once been more of a military precision unit. Now more of a precision dance team, but still using the same objects in their performances. The groups were amazingly entertaining and a few were really fantastic in their choreography and creativity.

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Congratulations to Tricia for her five years with the squad. We were all moved at their goodbye ceremony much the way we have been every year as Armstrong says goodbye to their senior dancers.

Dance team 2

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A great community gathering and wonderfully entertaining competition. Thanks to you all for a fun night.

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