“Working” in Trumansburg

by imageguy

Today we strike the sets for the Trumansburg High School drama performance of “Working”, the musical adapted from the book by Studs Terkel. After three amazing performances by an incredibly talented group of young people, it’s time to put the stage back in order.

There were several stand outs among the cast, but it’s so hard to focus an a few when so many of these kids worked so hard and did such a great job. My admiration extends to all of the cast.

working 1

working 2

working 3

Jake Seifert touched everyone with several fine performances as the iron worker, in ensemble performances and especially in the Father’s and Sons scene. Skylar Fairchild appeared again and again with great execution as Roberto, the field hand, the truck driver, and several ensemble numbers.

working 4

working 5

working 6

Mia Goldman as Amanda McKenny, the project manager, Kim Hall singing James Taylor’s Millwork song, Ruth Carpenter as the housewife, Zoe Anderson as the checker girl, Dana Darling as the cleaning woman, Luke Heptig as the UPS guy and the ex-copy boy, and so many others.

working 7

working 7

working 8

working 9

working 10

Emily Goodell touched hearts as the school teacher and was great again in the cleaning woman number. And Eliza Vann knocked me out as the waitress.

working 11

working 12

working 13

working 14

working 16

Of course as a father of a cast member my main heart throb in the cast is naturally my daughter, Tessa, who choreographed a few dance numbers in the play and danced solo for the mill worker scene. You rock my world girl and it overwhelms me to see how beautiful and graceful you have become as a dancer and a young woman.

working 17

working 18

To all those great kids that I didn’t mention here, we are so proud of all of you and thankful for your participation, hard work, and great entertainment. And to all those supporting crew backstage, the great musicians in the pit band, to all the parents that helped with sets, props, costumes, food and transportation, and all manner of other support, thanks for a great play. And especially to Sally Priester and Anne Bialke for amazing direction and coordination. I loved it all.

All Images are Copyright © George Cannon, all rights reserved.