Back From Florida (Cont’d)

by imageguy

Chapter two: I continued to meet with people to promote my photographs both as fine art prints for galleries and as a series of postcards of the area. The response was very good so have come home to scurry about and make this happen. It means another new website and most people wanting things by Memorial Day. This leaves me only about a month and I’ll be gone to Spain for a week of that. I’m really looking forward to the trip however, to a place I’ve never been before. I’m going to courier a painting back from the Guggenheim in Bilbao so will have a little extra time to shoot some images in Bilbao and in Madrid. I speak no Spanish aside from the basics we all learned in high school, but will learn how to say, “do you mind if I take your picture” and hopefully will have no problems. But back to Florida…

Rosemary Beach Town Hall

Rosemary Beach 4

One of the first developments on 30A is a community called Rosemary Beach. They’re almost finished building there and the community is thick with beautiful architecture, lush plantings, beautiful colors, and the feeling of comfort and luxury. I had many images of Rosemary Beach but only included about a dozen in the slide show I took down with me, so felt the need to expand on my collection while there to give a little better representation. It’s not hard in a community like this one to find beautiful images.

Rosemary Beach 2

Rosemary Beach 3

Rosemary Beach 5

Part of the reason I love this area, it’s so visually rich. I spoke with one of the development workers one morning who encouraged me to take a look at one of the pool areas (they have four). The pool is one that has the water filled right to the top so has this amazing reflective surface that appears to float in mid air. Beautiful. Not a bad place to take one’s mind off your troubles and relax for a while. A place of rejuvenation.

Rosemary Beach Pool

Rosemary Beach 7

Rosemary Beach 8
Rosemary Beach is a family community with lots of kids and bikes, beautiful lawns for bocci ball and outdoor movies and concerts, tennis courts, and of course, beautiful beaches.

I also drove into downtown Panama City while there to meet with someone at the Northwest Florida Visual Arts Center about exhibiting there. Panama City and Panama City Beach are very different experiences. Busy highways, high rise hotels, miniature golf and rental motor scooters, funky old motels being bought up for huge hotel developments.

Panama City 1

monkey and sphinx

Almost a Disneyland feel compared to 30A, but still rich with images. I love this kind of environment too because of the odd juxtapositions you encounter. It’s a rich contrast to 30A where controlled development and Hollywood style mansions mixed with old Florida quaintness prevail.

pink motel

30A mansion

When I finally had to leave to return home I decided to take a little time to get off the interstate and travel a bit on Highway 11 through the Virginia countryside. It had been raining most of the way home and that morning was thick with fog which gave a richness and timelessness to the landscape.

Virginia 1

Virginia 2

Virginia 3

Virginia is such a beautiful state with rolling hills and mountains, farms and creeks, redbuds and the greenest grass. A beautiful place at a beautiful time of year. I was rewarded for taking a break from the speed of the interstate with a quiet solitude of a lovely countryside. I’ll have to do that again.

Virginia 4

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