Art Courier – Part 2

by imageguy

While in Bilbao, Spain, I walked for miles around the center of the city, along the waterfront. And I probably went around the Guggenheim a dozen times. The building is an amazing architectural wonder. Some love it, others don’t. I thought it was fantastic! It’s remarkable from any vantage point and the many bridges across the river give the opportunity to see it from great vantage points.

Guggenheim 1

Guggenheim 2

Guggenheim 3

Guggenheim steps
The outside of the building is covered in sheets of titanium. Many think the building has the shape of a ship in some ways. Fitting for a city that was a major maritime center at one time. There is hardly a straight line any where in the structure. Everything curves and bends and shimmers and reflects. In front of the museum, or perhaps it’s behind the museum, along the waterfront, is a large shallow pool of water spanned by an arching bridge. From under the bridge about every hour, a cool cloud of mist rises from a series of nozzles. An art installation in itself by Japanese artist, Nakaya, it is actually a fog sculpture. On the walkway stands the giant spider sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, towering above the pedestrians that walk by and the tourists that pose beneath its legs.

Spider 1

Spider 2


Unfortunately, I have no interior pictures of the museum, which is as striking and dynamic as the exterior. The museum does not allow photography inside, even in the lobby. But the ceilings soar, and the glass and steel become sculptures in themselves. The Surrealist Show was masterfully displayed with amazing attention to detail and presentation. I notice these things since it’s what I do in my job. And no easy feat since, like outside, there are no straight walls anywhere it seems. And the giant steel plate sculptures by Richard Serra were amazing. Huge, massive, curving gracefully. Overwhelming in size. Fantastic.

Guggenheim 5

Guggenheim 6

Guggenheim 7

I was transported back to Madrid with our painting on Thursday and spent Thursday evening in downtown Madrid with Bill Ayers from the Long Island Museum. It was raining lightly when we left to take the Metro into the city, so I didn’t take my camera which I regretted later. I’d love to go back to Madrid and spend more time there.

Madrid airport

Friday was back to the airport and out to NYC on an Iberia plane. The flight back was far better than going over but we arrived to rain in New York. I was guided to the warehouse for storage of the painting until Saturday morning and spent the night at the Beacon Hotel on Broadway in Manhattan. The view from the 25th floor looking back toward Central Park was quite beautiful, evening and morning.

Manhatten night

Manhatten day

flower market

The FedEx Custom Critical truck wasn’t due at the warehouse until 10:00 so I had time in the morning for an hour and a half in Central Park. What a spectacular landscape that park is. Everywhere you turn, the eye is presented with such beautiful arrangements of trees, flowers, water, architecture, and distant views of the New York skyline. Such a treasure, a retreat, in the middle of such an amazing city.

Central Park 1

Central Park 2

Belvedere Tower

My ride back with Ron and Linda in the FedEx truck was probably the most pleasant part of the many legs of transportation I experienced. A fantastic husband and wife driving team in their highly specialized truck, we talked about everything. Ron was an enthusiastic photography buff and he and I talked photography much of the way back to Ithaca. I felt as though I had almost made this trip primarily to meet these two wonderful people. They treated me almost like family and I was so grateful to have had the hours to spend with them.

Central Park 3

Central Park 4

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