“Artcards” Reaches a Milestone

by imageguy

At the beginning of this year I began another blog called “Artcards” aimed at showing some of the photographs I have taken that have been worked in Photoshop to create photoart. Some of these have had very simple treatments and some very complex. Some are simply enhanced through various filters, others have had multiple treatments and have been through several generations to arrive at the final result, and may not even be finished yet. Regardless, they are my experiments and my effort to take images and give them an extra boost to bring out something interesting or unique or to set a mood or tell a story. I expected to post one a week, but here it is the end of May and I’ve already posted 100 images. It began with nature. The sunflower was Artcard #1.


red sky and trees

It has included a number of nature and landscape images. Especially images from my many pictures of trees. Many of the artcard images are treated to look like watercolors or serigraphs. It’s a treatment that seems to work well with nature subjects. Or even pets.

sycamore trees

Catskill Trees

three trees

KC in the wicker chair

There are some images that have been given a mood enhancement with layers of overlaid colors and textures. These have been some favorites and have brought numerous comments so must be something viewers like to see.

farm truck


Some images lend themselves to more of a comic book style illustration or to dramatic color treatments. The laundry, the crocs, the stage singer.



Emily sings

Some images have been converted to abstracts through tiling or color reversals.

inlet reflections

milwaukee museum #4_2

The nostalgic mood seems to suit some images very well. I love this old photograph look for certain timeless sorts of subjects.

broom and wicker chair

flowers and door at Rosemary Beach

I have reached back into the archives for a few of these, pulling from old color slides to give new life to an old image.

Brooklyn steps

Marvilla bathroom

And others are brand new images that simply call out to become something more than just a photograph.

willows and moon

Bilbao Balconies

Alys Beach red umbrella

Hopefully they will all become part of the offering of Imageguy Artcards postcards. A little piece of art to send or save or frame. The experiment has brought new life from images that might have been fine on their own, but have become something unique as a result. It has given me a much greater knowledge of what Photoshop is capable of and ways to manipulate photos to create photart. It has changed my style and the way I look at my photographs, opening up so many more possibilities.

So here’s to Artcard #100! A Toast!

Alys Beach niche

All images are Copyright © George Cannon, All Rights Reserved.