ASD Late Performances

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The 14th annual recitals and performances by the dancers from the Armstrong School of Dance continued into the evening performance that highlights the older girls and the team dancers. These girls are from about ten to eighteen years old and have generally been in classes since they were in the tots groups. The evening began with a long line of precision tap that these girls do so well. You get hints of Rockefeller Center and can almost bet that some of these girls could easily make it that far. It’s inspiring.

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Karen has a great sense for picking costumes for these groups. They are fun and colorful and as a group, enliven the stage and the performance.

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The team dancers and all the competitive dancers had a fantastic year again. After winning a national championship at PDTA last year, they came back this year to win numerous competitions and awards including a 1st and 2nd place at Tremaine, a 1st and two 2nds at Dance America and “Best Emotional Execution” for “I Run For Life” and “Best Presentation” for “Swing With Me”.

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They swept the awards at PDTA this year with three 1st place Junior Grand Champion Awards, two 1st, two 2nd, and two 3rd place Senior Grand Champion awards, and numerous scholarship awards for individuals. An amazing and impressive year for an amazing group of dedicated and talented kids. We are all so proud of them.

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Every year there are senior girls who graduate high school and leave the company. The seniors get to choreograph and perform a senior showcase piece. This year Sarah Mattison, Michelle Buchanan, and Fatima Sowe had the privilege with “Apologize”.

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Since our daughter has been with Armstrong it has been such a treat to watch so many of these girls every year as they grow and mature as performers, to see the same faces year after year go from the tiny struggling “duckling” phase to seasoned graceful artists.

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Next year will be her last year since she will be graduating and it will be so difficult to watch her be a part of the tearful goodbyes that take place on Saturday night when these girls say their thank you’s and farewells to a team that has become their extended family and to Karen, Karen’s Mom, and the other staff and teachers that these girls admire and love so much.

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