Florida Never Disappoints

by imageguy

Sad to say that vacation is over again. But a little longer this year and as always, Florida never disappoints me. I didn’t get in as much photography as usual this year, however, because I spent so much time working trying to market my work there.

After my trip down in April and this trip, things are moving along. The Artcards postcards are selling at Sundog Books in Seaside. I had a couple of great meetings with Anne Hunter who just opened World Six Gallery in Rosemary Beach. I think we have a good chance of a long term relationship there. I like Anne a lot and she has a great since of style. Also had a wonderful meeting with Alys Stephens, Style Director at Alys Beach in hopes of doing some work with that development. They have a Digital Graffiti exhibition coming up August 30th and I have submitted something for consideration there. I’ll keep my fingers crossed because I would sure love the exposure.

It was hot in Florida and didn’t rain during the day until near the end of our stay. The beaches are still recovering from all the storm damage of a couple of years ago, but the restoration efforts of the dunes and nature’s work at reviving the shoreline seems to be making good progress. We didn’t get in the water much since there was a serious seaweed/algae accumulation in areas all along the shore, and jellyfish were there in larger numbers than I had seen before. Kind of unusual, but happens from time to time. Gotta expect that sort of thing sometimes if you live on the coast.

I didn’t photograph the fireworks this year since I was setting them off for our group. We hadn’t expected a display by Alys Beach since they had said they wouldn’t do their regular beach side display this year. Surprisingly, they did a display from up in the development, so we got an extra show. The fireworks up and down the beach were great this year. I love the beach on the 4th. It’s so Americana. Even when we used to go to the Cape, it was the best time to be there.

The trip down was heavy traffic and high gas prices. The trip back included one day of torrential rain. But in spite of it all, vacation and the beach are the best, and well worth everything it takes to get there and be there. I only hope as my sales down there began to pick up, it will mean more opportunities to go back.

Images Copyright © George Cannon, All Rights Reserved.