Running To Places does Sweet Charity

by imageguy

On August 2, I was delighted to attend another stage performance by Running To Places at the Dryden High School auditorium in Dryden, NY. The production this time was Sweet Charity. I was knocked out by the professionalism and talent of these fantastic students.

Emily Dowd starred as Charity Valentine. Emily is a veteran of numerous shows and productions. She has nine years of dance training at Ithaca Academy of Dance and two years at Movement Untitled. She has an amazing voice and a commanding stage presence, a comfort and confidence on stage that makes her look like a Broadway natural.

Her scenes with co-star Travis Jones were amazing. The stage chemistry with these two was funny, sensitive, and totally charming.

Travis, also a veteran of Running To Places productions as well as Shakespeare In The Basement (a totally youth run Shakespeare company) played his roles with great affect and humor. Possessing an excellent voice, his scenes with Charity were incredibly entertaining.

Adam Beckwith and Shauna Belkour gave great performances as Vittorio Vidal and Ursula. The bedroom scenes with Charity, Ursula, and Vittorio were hilarious with Charity hiding in the closet and stuffing her face with food as Vittorio and Ursula express their real love for each other.

Charity’s best friends at the dance hall, Helene and Nickie, played by Rorie Dean and Anya Gibian, gave great performances, with their biting sarcasm and humor in the dance hall scenes, and fantastic vocal and dance routines.

The entire cast was dead on great, not missing a beat and credit goes out too to the stage crew who made the whole production really flow. Joey Steinhagen did a great job as director of bringing out the best from these talented kids, and Todd Peterson’s choreography made the whole thing look so professional.

Great music from Mike Wade and Erica Steinhagen and the pit band and all the rest of the support staff and production team doing their thing to make this small, young production company a joy to experience. Bravo, Running To Places, BRAVO! We can hardly wait for Damn Yankees.

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