Florida Over Labor Day

by imageguy

Labor Day weekend was spent back down on the Gulf Coast. I had a slide show accepted for inclusion in Digital Graffiti, a digital multi-media outdoor presentation at Alys Beach that included works from all over the world. I was delighted to be included, but disappointed when the weather didn’t cooperate. The community there is all white construction, sort of in the Greek style, and the works were to all be shown outside on the sides of the buildings throughout the development. The forecast was perfect, but the reality was that storms rolled through shortly before opening time and ruined some equipment and caused a serious disruption of the event. So about two thirds of the works never got shown. Many are up on their website now, though, and so can still be seen.

The weekend was not a complete bust, however because I was at least still at the beach and was able to get in some good shooting while there. On Saturday morning I got up early to catch the sunrise at Grayton Beach.

This is a neat small community, sort of old Florida with small cottages under the live oaks and a wide beach that allows permitted cars to drive right out to the waters edge. A lot of fishermen actually launch their boats right from the beach there. The community sits adjacent to Grayton Beach State Park with beautiful dunes and grassy marsh areas. I didn’t have a lot of images from the area so wanted to spend a little time there and try to get a few more. It was a beautiful, clear morning in a spiritual setting, quiet and soothing as the sun came up over the marshes and shown through the sea oats.

Grayton Beach is also home to the famous Red Bar, a must see for vacationers who visit the 30A stretch and one of our favorite hangouts. You might have seen it in “The Truman Show” which was filmed mostly just down the road in Seaside.

On Sunday, I went back down to Rosemary Beach to get some shots on the beach there. I have many from up in the streets of the community, the architecture and town shops. But not many of the shore there, so wandered down to take a look. The development there is nearly complete, with few construction sites left and most lots occupied. There seemed to be fewer people than expected, probably due to the threat of the approaching hurricane out in the Gulf that eventually brushed by New Orleans. The clouds were rolling through in waves so gave it a bit of a stormy feel at times, but made for a dramatic sky. The mass of umbrellas and beach chairs were there for anyone who had come for the last summer weekend and took on a life of their own in some ways, looking like bunched crowds or animal herds.

I strolled back up through town stopping again at one of my favorite spots in front of the Pensione where I always want to shoot the stacks of chairs against the pink-orange walls. The contrast and repetition and shiny reflections against the flat intense colors always make for great images (see Artcard #133).

I took some time back at the house to expand on my series of palms. I love the graceful nature of these trees and the variety that exists in the different species.

I always hate to leave Florida, knowing it might be months before I can return. But will always look for another good excuse to make the trip. It feels like a place I need to be.

All Images Copyright © George Cannon, All Rights Reserved.