Time To Catch My Breath

by imageguy

It’s been a month since my last post. When I began this blog, I wanted to post every week, but the past four weeks seem to have been so jam packed with things to do that sitting down to write has just been impossible. Tonight, while my daughter is at dance class and my wife is out with friends, the TV bristles with election speculation, and I feel like I can stop and catch a breath.

I’ve been shooting a lot this month, with fall color, plays at school, and senior portraits. I’ve been enjoying this so much, and the results have been so satisfying. I also published three new calendars for 2009 that are available now through Lulu.com. One is all nature and landscape, one is strictly images from the 30A area on the Florida Gulf coast where I shoot a lot, and the other is general photography. Mostly images that I feel strongly about that are rich in design and are favorites from this past year. Please check them out if you need a beautiful photography calendar (and everybody does, right?). Here are a few of the images.

As I said before, the fall color has been magnificent this year. I just can’t get over how beautiful it’s been and how long lasting. One of the most spectacular fall seasons I can remember. One of the primary things that attracted me to the Northeast was the change of seasons, and having been born in September, it’s always been one of my favorite times of year.

This year, with my daughter becoming a senior in high school, I was also asked to shoot some senior portraits for her friends. It has been a most fulfilling endeavor and will certainly be a part of my professional work that I will continue to pursue because working with these beautiful young people and attempting to capture their spirit and personality feels so rewarding. Plus it has also given me the excuse to spend some great quality time with my daughter, while shooting her pictures, at a time in her life when she is so busy I hardly ever see her and all the while I know how close we are getting to the time when she will be leaving us to go off to college. These kids that I’ve watched through birthday parties and years of school functions since kindergarten, so grown up now. So mature and beautiful, young adults on the verge of life changing events. I love feeling a part of that and helping them to leave behind an image of the way they see themselves best.

The Triplets

Gerra, Eliza, and Jake

And Tessa…

It’s been a busy month. It’s been a great month. I’m so grateful. All this beauty, day after day. And it’s nice to be back here as well.