Looking back at 2008 – a year of great images – Vol.1

by imageguy

I’ve been very fortunate this year. It’s been a year of wonderful images and I feel so lucky to have collected so many. So many that I had a very hard time choosing and keeping this look back down to a couple of posts. But I do have my favorites, and I’ve pulled a select few out to go back and remind me of why I take pictures, why I love recording those moments and those visions and those places that have made up the past year that I don’t want to forget and that I want to share with anyone that will look, and possibly see the beauty and color and design of the world around us each day the way I do. And of course, those special moments with other lives that are part of the fabric of our own.

My greatest joy, as is no surprise, derives from my daughter. A senior in high school this year, I can’t help feeling that pang parents feel as they begin to realize how their lives will change when there are no children left at home and how close that time is getting. As much as she wears me out with late night transportation and looking at her room that I would love to organize, but dare not touch. Still, hearing her play her piano at night or typing at her keyboard, watching her dance,  hearing her laugh with friends, or singing with her favorite music, having her ask me to help her with ideas for an English essay, or sharing her photos and poetry with me. These are things I will miss so much on a day to day basis.

But this year I have seen her dance, so beautifully. With her dance team at Armstrong School (another year of wonderful performances),in school plays, and with Running to Places, the youth theater group she has been a part of. I’ve become a big fan of these kids, and am dazzled by the talent in their company.

And I’ve begun shooting senior portraits for her and her classmates. These kids are so beautiful, and I love this time in their lives. I hope they know how special it is.

I shot Hannah and Mike’s wedding this year. A fun shoot, though these jobs can be so tiring. But I love the atmosphere of a wedding and the love that exists there among everyone. I also realized this year that it’s the bridesmaids and the kids that make the party.

We spent Thanksgiving this year at my Mother-in-law’s house, as we always do. She has several cats but “Tiger Eye” is the alpha cat in the house.

I love calico cats and this year we unfortunately lost one of ours (we had two sisters). Rea was a roamer and wandered for days sometimes but would always come home eventually. This year, she didn’t come home. I miss her.

So a year of changes (as they all are) and of joys. Of discoveries and losses. Of sharing. Of being an audience. Of memories.

In the next post I’ll look back at travels and home.

All images are Copyright © George Cannon, all rights reserved.