Looking back at 2008 – a year of great images – vol.2

by imageguy

As usual, 2008 began cold in New York and here we are back in the cold again. As I get older, I dislike the cold weather more and more and I begin to understand why people retire to Florida and Arizona and warm places. I tend to take fewer pictures when it’s really cold. Maybe that’s why I dislike the cold so much. But it still has it’s moments.

In the winter the lake is low and the shore is exposed. The steam rises from the power station. And when the weather is clear, the sky can be as blue as a summer day.

I was called for jury duty this year. Oddly enough, it’s the first time I’ve ever had to actually report. I wasn’t picked and was dismissed, but it gave me a chance to take some time shooting on the streets of Waterloo, NY.

In April I took some time to go down to Florida to work on promoting my photography there. I love shooting there and have produced a whole line of postcards from along Route 30A. I love the architecture there. It is so fresh and clean and precise, and the landscape is beautifully planned out and tended in these resort communities. There are artworks at every turn.

I drove back along my usual route but took the time in a way I have always wanted to, but haven’t because I’m usually not traveling alone, to get off the interstate and drive a while on the foggy back roads of Virginia in the early morning. This image felt so Eliot Porter – ish.

In May I had the good fortune to courier a piece of artwork back from the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain. It was my first venture to Europe and, although hectic traveling, I had time to explore Bilbao for a couple of days. It was glorious.

I made my way back through New York City and had a morning to walk through Central Park before the FedEx truck arrived for the painting I was escorting.

In July I was back in Florida for our regular vacation time there. I always come home with images I love from Florida.

Summer in upstate New York is prime time. The lakes, the wineries, the gorges and waterfalls and trails. It’s what makes this area so special and what keeps people here in the winter, the thoughts that summer will be back.

I was back in Florida at the end of August. A slide show of my work was included in Digital Graffiti, an outdoor multi-media exhibit at Alys Beach. So once again I had the opportunity to shoot my favorite beaches and landscape.

In mid September I spent a little time in Atlanta, my boyhood home area, and had a chance to visit the Georgia Aquarium and some other areas of downtown. Atlanta is a great city and filled with a lot of memories for me.

New York this fall was a showplace. I can’t remember a more perfect seasonal show than what nature gave us this year. That’s the other reason to withstand the cold here, the change of seasons is so dramatic. In the south, fall was not the showy colorful display it is in the northeast. And the area around Atlanta, and even in Florida, doesn’t have the amazing roadside color of the farm fields and sumac and blackberry and maple trees. It was a grand display this year.

And Ithaca, small town, city streets provided some images. I took the time to wander a bit in my own small town area as I do every year at the holidays when we are in Connecticut and I wander the streets of Willimantic. I love the cityscape and urabn landscape. The places where we really live and the mark we make there.

It was a very good year for images. I’m satisfied.

Images Copyright © George Cannon, All Rights Reserved.