R2P Does “The Man Who Came To Dinner”

by imageguy

The fabulous cast of Running To Places performed the second of this season’s offerings last weekend at the Trumansburg Elementary School Auditorium presenting Kaufman & Hart’s “The Man Who Came To Dinner”.

Joey Steinhagen again directed this fantastic cast of young people who present extremely high quality theatrical performances. I am always amazed at their talent and professionalism.

Nathan Hilgartner gave a masterful performance as Sheridan Whiteside, the sarcastic, ill-tempered, radio celebrity with connections to everyone famous and notable. How he managed to remember hours of lines and present them with such verve and style, and so naturally and believably, was simply remarkable for a high school thespian. Nola Booth as Maggie Cutler was equally amazing and at ease as Whiteside’s personal assistant and the one person who could put him in his place and yet still cared for him in spite of his ill mannered behaviors.

Harriet Stanley, played by Sarah Plotkin, was a scene stealer on stage and an audience favorite every time she appeared, wide-eyed and lost in her childlike world, waltzing ghostlike slowly across the stage. She was a delightful contrast to the gruff and cranky Whiteside.

Jennie Kinkel played a wonderful Lorraine Sheldon, the flamboyant actress. Kevin Hilgartner kept the audience laughing as the wild and hilarious Banjo. And everyone else in the cast gave masterful and totally enjoyable performances. My hat’s off to all of you.

The show looked fantastic as well with beautifully constructed sets (including a custom constructed piano) from the designs of Eliza Vann on her first foray into set design. Well done Eliza! And, as usual, the crew and managers pulled off the show like professionals.

Running To Places, as I have said in past installments, is a wonderful organization that brings together high school and middle school age students from schools throughout the communities around Ithaca, New York. They operate on grants, donations, volunteer, and business sponsorship allowing any student the opportunity to participate free of charge. These kids learn everything there is to know about every aspect of theater production from mentors and theater professionals, preparing many of them for advancement to theater arts schools and careers. It’s a place for friendship, work ethic, character building, personal growth and self-confidence.

A big round of applause for Running To Places! Bravo!

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