“175 Photographers” is finally published!

by imageguy

I just wanted to put up a short post to say that 175 Photographers, A Collection of Contemporary Photography from JPGmag.com is finally complete and available at my Blurb page. This is a book I’ve been working on for three months, pulling together images from my favorites pages on the JPGmag.com website. 175 photographers from all over the world have graciously agreed to allow me to collect and print their photographs in a beautiful book. They have all contributed this work so that I might make it available to the public and hopefully find the support to turn this collection into a fantastic show of contemporary photography.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with JPG, it’s another of the internet’s photography sites where photographers upload images to their pages, often based on specific themes, to share them and to compete for a spot in the print version of JPG Magazine. Members vote on the images that best fit the themes, and can also comment, contact the photographer, or tag images as favorites and build their own collection of other photographers’ works. I have been placing images there for almost three years and have collected over 300 favorites. I always felt they would make a great book or show, and when it looked as though JPG might shut down at the beginning of this year, I decided, in a bit of a panic, to try and make this happen. And so success. The book is published and available to all. You can purchase a copy directly from my Blurb page at cost.  So we all make it available to you now. There are over 200 images in color and black and white punctuated by quotes from famous photographers. Over 240 pages in all and a listing of every photographer and with URLs for most where you can see more of their work or contact them directly if you are interested in purchasing images. I would post some of those photographs, but have only a license to use them in the book and will respect that.

So if you are looking for one of the most interesting, stimulating, complete and diverse collections of contemporary photography today, go to this page and order a copy of 175 Photographers, A Collection of Contemporary Photography from JPGmag.com edited by me. You won’t be disappointed.

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