Trying to find some time…

by imageguy

I feel so deflated when I realize how I’ve been neglecting my blog.  My time has been so short for just going out and shooting. Spring has been slow to arrive, but finally the world in the Northeast is green and smelling of lilacs. I have been trying to make myself take my camera, even if just for an hour or so, and go shoot. Anywhere works. There’s always something worth making subject matter. So it’s been a couple of my favorite haunts lately.

The Ithaca boat yard is always ripe for images. I put together a new action using the High Pass filter and have been experimenting with it. It works great on some images and not so well on others. But the boat yard seems to present images that take to the action extremely well. Anything that can use a sharp edge, sharp contrast and colors that pop is a good candidate.

I stopped briefly he other day after driving one of my daughter’s friends to the bus station in Binghamton and realized that I’d love to go back down there and shoot for a couple of days. This one was on Rte. 11 where I want to do a whole documentary series some day.

The building where my daughter has her dance studio has always been one of my favorite buildings to photograph. It’s front facade with morning sun is a wealth of line and shadow and light. And the rear of the building with its gas meters, utility service, and rusting siding has always been a fabulous place to find great color.

I also made myself take a little time in downtown Ithaca again recently too. The neighborhoods there, as with any city setting, particularly on an early Sunday morning, can provide any number of great images with alleyways, parking areas, old architecture and apartments, gardens, and the debris of city life. I love the urban landscape.

Recent events included an evening at The 9’s in Collegetown to see Blindspot with lead singer Maddy Walsh. She’s the neice of my wife’s best friend. Maddy is a fabulous singer with amazing range and repertoire. She can cover everything from soft ballads and folk to hard rock and blues. She’s terrific.

The Spring weather this time of year often brings great foggy mornings. The trees of Cornell’s campus were gorgeous in the morning light with the morning fog this week.

And at the museum, we just hosted Art In Bloom, a semi annual event that brings in a group of floral designers from the Ithaca Garden Club who create stunning floral arrangements that coordinate themes with various art works throughout the museum. A beautiful Spring event.

My last bit of news has to do with an on going project I’ve been preparing for. My experimental work with digital abstracts has been aimed at a solo show and I finally got word that one of the grants I need to make the show happen has come through from Cornell Council for the Arts. I have also put together a book of 64 of the abstract images , many of which are to be in the show, that’s now available on Blurb. Evolution, Photographic Digital Abstracts is 80 pages with 64 color images created from original photographs. The show goes up in September and many of the works have already appeared on my other blog at Artcards.

So, nice to be back and sorry to have been so absent. My daughter’s dance performances are coming soon, graduation, vacation, then she’s off to college. Time flies when you’re having fun!

All images are Copyright © George Cannon, All Rghts Reserved.