Long Time Comin’

by imageguy

I can hardly believe that it’s been almost three months since I posted to this blog. My goal when I began was to post every week, but life just gets the better of us. So much has happened in the last three months and time is at such a premium that the blog has unfortunately been the neglected stepchild. June , of course sees the beginning of summer, my daughter is out of school and busy with so much. There are projects to do. I’m building new kitchen cabinets. I got a grant from Cornell Council on the Arts to help mount a show of new work and so that has to be brought to reality. Prints, canvases, frames, postcards, mailing lists. But the show stopper was losing my job. I was forced to take early retirement at the museum (that or just be laid off). Fortunately I had enough time in and was over the minimum age to take the retirement incentive that the university offered. Over 400 people took it. A fair package, but it precludes me from taking another job there other than casual part time, for three years. And in today’s climate, Ithaca doesn’t have much else to offer. Oddly enough, I seem to have been busy all the same. Some photography work. An article in Life in the Finger Lakes. Postcard sales. I wedding lined up for October. And still shooting for Running To Places.

Their June production was HONK. A sweet little show done entirely with middle school students that retells the story of the Ugly Duckling. Very well done as they always are and a showcase of upcoming talent for the Running To Places ranks.

June also brought the inclusion of another slideshow piece in Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach for the second successive year. Then at the end of June was my daughter’s graduation from high school. A milestone and the beginning of the chain of events leading to college.

I’m so incredibly proud of her. National Honor Society, academic achievement awards, a Trustee Scholarship to Ohio Weslyan University. She’s been the best kid a parent could ever hope for. And it’s time to give her wings.

July was off to Florida again. Love that place. So look forward to the 4th of July on the beach and time away. Great fireworks as usual and time to wander and photograph this area so rich with visual food. It’s a banquet for the eyes.

We got back home just in time for the Grassroots Music Festival in Trumansburg. A fantastic four day annual event to benefit AIDS research and assistance and a time for all of the area to celebrate great music, and dance, and let your hair down. This was the first year (thanks to being retired) that I was able to attend all four days.

There are four stages so it’s really hard to catch every band that performs, but the variety and quality is fantastic from groups like reggae favorite Toots and the Maytals to the soulful gospel rock of the Campbell Brothers and the Flying Clouds.

Great local talent like Donna The Buffalo and the Horseflies with Richie Stearns. African rhythms of Samite and fabulous Cajun bands like Preston Frank and his Family Band and The Pine Leaf Boys.

The big surprise for me was a fabulous band called Scythian. I’ve never seen such high energy crowd pleasing performances.

I have taken a little time to photograph some local scenes. A short trip up to Seneca Falls. But have been trying to rebuild my website and spending a lot of time at the computer.

Running To Places closed out the summer with Footloose. This was their first time at Ithaca’s fabulous old State Theatre, a much more prestigious venue than the usual high school auditorium they are used to playing. And an incredible success. A fantastic show with a near sell out every night.

We also squeezed in a presentation of RENT at the Hangar Theatre in Ithaca which was wonderful, right before leaving to drive my daughter to Ohio to start college. I can’t believe she’s actually out of the house now. It’s so quiet without her here, except for the dog barking.

So now I must concentrate on finishing up framing my show. It opens the day before Labor Day. Titled “Evolution”, it’s all new abstract work. Images that began as photographs and have been transformed in Photoshop. Much of it has been posted at my other blog, Artcards.

So summer comes to a close all too fast. The website is still not rebuilt, the kitchen cabinets are still not finished, I am still unemployed (or retired or self-employed I suppose) and we have the veritable empty nest. The show opens soon. I have the cover of Life in the Finger Lakes on the next issue. There’s the wedding to shoot in October and Running to Places is doing Little Shop of Horrors in about two weeks. Can’t see things slowing down at all. Gotta get cracking on that resume. And I’ll try not to be so late in getting back here. Good bye Summer! It’s been interesting.  Whew!

All images are Copyright © George Cannon, All Rights Reserved.