At the Vortex, Energy and Phoenix

by imageguy

I just returned from Phoenix, Arizona where my wife was graduating from her certification program with Donna Eden Energy Medicine. Donna is an amazing presence on the planet, touching the lives of countless people who are learning to heal themselves and others through the energy that exists and flows through and around all of us. After years of study and numerous trips to Phoenix, my wife’s group has reached the culmination of the first phase of training and this trip was to conclude and celebrate this event.

palms and sunrise

The training and this event take place at The Wigwam Golf Resort and Spa in Phoenix, a beautiful complex that has been an oasis in Arizona since the 1920s. Tall palm trees grace the manicured grounds and a complex of beautiful casitas surround the main building with fountains, pools, fireplaces, and ballrooms. The halls are filled with old photographs of the days when guests rode out across the desert on horseback and celebrities came to play golf in the warm Arizona sun. The place is gorgeous and anything you require is graciously furnished.

Wigwam 1

Wigwam 2

Wigwam 3

Wigwam 4

The Energy Medicine attendees gathered for a wonderful party on Saturday night. Many arrived in costumes and groups performed a variety of entertainment for everyone present. Donna Eden arrived dressed as Glenda, The Good Witch, and spread such laughter and joy with her infectious smile and loving presence. Never having been around this group of devotees before, I could quickly see why so many are drawn to her and all her family and teachers. There is a spiritual connection and atmosphere that pervades all that happens with this group. It was inspiring.

The real surprise of the evening was the musical performances of Here II Here, an amazing group of musicians who thrilled us all with their original songs and gave a magical performance. They are currently on a west coast tour, and if you can see them, you shouldn’t miss a chance to experience their love, joy, spirituality, grace, and peace. They are fabulous.

party 1

party 2

party 3

party 4

party 5

party 6

Monday was the actual graduation ceremony which was solemn, peaceful, emotional, and deeply moving, while also being joyous and uplifting. The love and connection among all these people is very powerful. It was beautiful and I felt privileged to experience it as a guest.

graduation 1

graduation 2

During the day, while my wife was busy with her classes and workshops, I drove and wandered about Phoenix, exploring an area I had never seen before and looking for great images. I love the desert and after some very cold months in New York, was ready for some sun and warmer temperatures. The city is laid out as a grid so fairly easy to navigate. I drove about exploring the outskirts in small towns like Buckeye, and through some of the urban areas of Scottsdale with all its art galleries and the antique shops of Glendale. I am always looking for new urban landscape images and photos for my Ornamental America series when I go to a new city.

buckeye 1

buckeye 2




I took some time to visit the Desert Botanical Gardens where visitors can see an endless array of cactus and succulents and other desert plants from four different types of desert regions of the American Southwest. I was surprised at how popular the gardens were, with a sizable crowd there visiting and walking the trails.

gardens 1

gardens 2

gardens 3

gardens 4

I also took time one afternoon to go for a short hike in the Phoenix Mountain Recreational Park north of Scottsdale. It is one of several natural recreation areas that ring the Phoenix area as the valley stretches out to the surrounding mountains.

desert 1

desert 2

desert 3

Finally, my wife and I took a little extra time and drove north to Sedona to see the red rock country. Unlike Phoenix which is very flat and desert brown, Sedona sits at the edge of the vast plateau region that stretches down from Colorado and Utah at a much higher altitude. It is marked by stunning canyons of Oak Creek and red rock formations that stand like monuments in the landscape. A beautiful climax to a very satisfying trip.

sedona 1

sedona 2

sedona 3

sedona 4

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