Pao Bhangra IX at Cornell University

by imageguy

On Saturday, April 24th, 2010, Cornell Bhangra and Cornell University presented the 9th Annual Pao Bhangra at Barton Hall.  Pao Bhangra has grown to be the largest student run show on Cornell’s campus and likely the largest Bhangra production in North America. For those who are not familiar with Bhangra, it is a joyous high-energy folk dance which originated from folk dances of the Punjab region of India and Pakistan and has come to be a modern day celebratory dance of today’s youth. An ever increasing popular music form, the Bhangra music has made its way into American and Canadian popular music blending with other styles such as hip-hop and reggae.

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Pao Bhangra 9 at Cornell presented scores of costumed dancers including the host teams of Cornell Mundey, Cornell Kudiyan, Cornell Mixed and Alumni. Guest teams performed from Anakh-e-Gabroo (New York, NY), M.I.T. (Cambridge, MA), NTP Entertainment (Toronto, Ontario), University of Rochester (Rochester, NY), and YPA – York University (Toronto, Ontario), and additional guest appearances by Rochester Kids Bhangra, Cornell Raas, and an amazing drumming demonstration by Cornell Yamanti.

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The performances drew a crowd of almost 3000 people and thrilled spectators with almost three solid hours of high-energy graceful and acrobatic dancing. Pao Bhangra is a spectacular cultural experience, colorful and stimulating, exciting and grandly entertaining. My many thanks to Nitin Malik and Cornell Bhangra for allowing me to be up close to the action and for another amazing Bhangra production.

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