Running To Places does Guys and Dolls

by imageguy

On August 13th, 14th, and 15th, at Ithaca’s State Theatre, Running To Places Theatre Company again presented an amazing performance. This time it was Guys and Dolls. An amazing cast, full pit band, and great supporting team once again gave stellar performances to everyone’s delight. It was sort of bitter sweet in that so many of the cast members were graduating seniors this year and are now leaving for college, so we will miss their incredible talents. First on that list is Jeremy Pletter who played Nathan Detroit. Jeremy is a veteran of so many shows with a booming deep voice. This time he put on the squeaky Brooklynese accent to give great life to his character and, as always, delivered a marvelous performance. Humorous, lovable, expressive, and utterly entertaining.We will really miss you Jeremy.





Opposite his role was the totally professional Valerie Kilmer as Adelaide. Valerie has such poise and charisma, a fantastic voice, and a natural talent for the stage. She is an absolute joy to watch. I can easily imagine her in a Broadway performance. She’s that good. Best of luck, Valerie.




The other leading roles went to two other seniors. Sarah Steurer played the lovable Sarah Brown who falls for gambler Sky Masterson played by Adam Beckwith. Sarah was perfect for the part with an innocence and vulnerability fitting the part. The handsome Adam dapperly dressed as the high roller Sky gave another masterful performance as he has always done in so many R2P productions.




Jacob Clay gave another fabulous performance as Nicely Nicely, and terrific supporting roles from St. John Faulkner, Nola Booth, James Potter, and the rest of the cast made the show a huge success. Wonderful choreography from Todd Peterson for all the main performers and the big productions of the Hot Box Girls and the Havana Dancers looked great on stage to wonderful songs like Sit Down You’re Rockin’ The Boat and Bushel and a Peck.  And stunning solo performances like Adelaide’s Lament by Valerie and My Time of Day by Adam and great duets like I’ve Never Been In Love Before and Marry The Man Today by Sarah, Adam, and Valerie testified to the amazing talents of these young artists. All of you were amazing.






The pit band, led by Mike Wade, was outstanding, and thanks and praise must also go out to all the rest including Joey and Gail, Travis, Rica, Nick, Katarina, Allison, Brianna, Katie, Max, and everyone else that worked so hard on the show. You always excel and never disappoint. Thank you all for another great entertaining production.




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