Running To Places finishes the season with Wind in the Willows

by imageguy

Running To Places, Ithaca’s youth theatre company, has finished their 2010 season with their final production, Wind in the Willows.  Staged at the Community School of Music and Art in Ithaca, a fine group of young actors, including many newcomers, put on great entertainment with a great family oriented show.

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Ally Mirin as the lovable Mole and Alex Crenshaw as the every correcting and slightly bossy Rat ventured, as the best of friends, up and down the river and through the wild woods, teaching mole the ways of surviving in the world. The wild woods are dangerous, with the always lurking band of weasels, ferrets, stouts, and fox.

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Adventure came with the introduction of the reckless Toad played with great verve by Sais Meyerhoff. We are further introduced to other wonderful characters as Toad takes Mole and Rat along on the caravan where we meet the depressed and cranky Alberta, the horse, played by Allison Mollenkamp.  Toad’s desire for all things new and exciting regardless of the cost, leads to further misadventures despite the efforts of Mole, Rat and their friend, Badger, played by Max Mollenkamp, to tame Toad’s wild extravagances and misbehavior.

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Toad is sent to prison for car theft, only to escape with the help of the jail attendant, the washerwoman, a barge woman and train engineer. The weasel band is always in hot pursuit.

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Toad is joined by Mole, Rat, and Badger, who sneak in through a secret passage to reclaim Toad Hall from the weasel band and Toad agrees to become a new, restrained, and more humble Toad, only to discover doing so brings her more attention than ever before.

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The play was truly fun and entertaining, and despite the few scenery mishaps, the cast came through like true theatre veterans to bring another great Running to Places season to a close. A great job, guys, as always.

Thanks to Joey, Gail, and everyone else who works so hard to help these great kids to realize their talent and give them the chance to express themselves, build skills and friendships, and entertain us all. Thanks also for letting me be a part of this family and experience what you all do up close and personal. It’s been a great season and I am excited for the beginning of season 4. It promises to be great once again.

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As usual, images from this and all R2P productions are available at with 20% of the proceeds going back to Running To Places.

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