Adrienne and Jared wed in Geneva

by imageguy

Like many who chose the rare 10/10/10 date to marry, Adrienne and Jared were wed in Geneva, New York by Seneca Lake on this beautiful fall afternoon. On the Today show that morning, a numerologist talked about how auspicious the date was for those who began relationships or chose to marry on this special date. Adrienne and Jared live in Virginia, but Adrienne’s family are in Trumansburg where I live, so I was fortunate they found me when looking for a central New York photographer. They are both charming and personable people, easy going and open so I had every expectation that this would be a fun and enjoyable wedding.

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The wedding took place in the late afternoon at the Ramada Geneva Lakefront at the north end of Seneca Lake. A beautiful ceremony, both Christian and Jewish, performed under the tent on the lawn as the sun shone on the beautiful autumn color surrounding us all. The forecast had been somewhat suspect early in the week, but Jared is a meteorologist so we assigned him the task of assuring a beautiful day and he did a masterful job.

When I arrived, the girls were already downstairs in their preparation room just off the tent area. The boys were in the wedding suite upstairs getting dressed and watching the football game (as guys are prone to do). Everyone was in great spirits and no one seemed overly nervous.

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Guests strolled by the lake and gathered under the tent as the wedding time approached while the groomsmen waited in the gazebo on the lawn. As the ceremony began, the girls emerged wearing dresses of beautiful autumn red-orange with flowers to match. The bouquets were beautifully done by Vine Garden Designs in Trumansburg. The ceremony was simple and lovely.

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We had a short period after the wedding for our formal shots by the water and for a few with the bride and groom before gathering inside as the sun disappeared. Introductions, first dances, and toasts followed early on before dinner.

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Cindy Smith provided the wedding cakes which were beautifully done. It didn’t take long afterward for the dance floor to fill with music provided by Ron from Paradise Entertainment . Wedding receptions usually bloom around the personalities of the wedding party and this one was no exception. Combined with a great fun-loving group of friends and relatives, this was a party to remember. The celebration was even extended another hour because everyone was having such a wonderful time.

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My thanks to the families of the bride and groom, and to all the members of the wedding party. You made my job much easier and  enjoyable just being your wonderful selves. Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Ramada, especially to Andy in the reception room and Teresa Robinson, the Ramada’s Wedding Planner. Everyone was truly helpful and totally professional. And thanks to Adrienne and Jared. I hope I helped make your day special for you both.

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All images are Copyright © George Cannon.