Senior Pictures with Thomas

by imageguy

I’ve know Thomas’s mother, Sally, for about 25 years. So I was delighted when she contacted me to shoot Thomas’s senior pictures. Thomas is a tall, thin young man with thick hair, a great smile, and easy going personality.  We even happen to have the same birthday so I felt an immediate connection with him. Thomas plays tennis and enjoys hanging with his friends. “A typical boy” according to his Mom.



Ithaca’s Stuart Park is nearby Thomas’s house so we drove over there to get some shots by the lake under the big willow trees. In scouting the location I had been struck by the view down the railroad tracks that pass by the park and just had this vision of Thomas standing down the tracks, so we made that shot and I’m so glad we did. I think it’s my favorite from the afternoon.


We did a series over at the arboretum and then moved over to the Arts Quad at Cornell. The afternoon light was beautiful and I’m really happy we postponed a day to get this beautiful fall afternoon sun.


Thanks, Thomas. It was a great shoot.

All photographs are Copyright © George Cannon – Images.