Time To Catch Up

by imageguy

It is amazing to me that it’s been about eleven months since I posted to this blog. Life slips away much too quickly and the days fill with things to do. But I will post a couple of catch up blogs to get back to current, though they can’t possibly cover everything.

Things got a bit crazy last September when my wife and I decided to separate. Unexpected for me, but not surprising. Long story that I won’t elaborate on here. So I began looking for a place to rent and assembling some furniture that I would need since splitting households always leaves one lacking in some of the things you’ve been accustomed to. I know this from experience (long story again).

In the mean time, still working some part time projects at the Art Museum and doing my photography. I was approached in late October by Linda Harris to produce a book to be a gift for her Dad documenting his records of his time in the military. She persuaded him to give her access to many of his documents and photos under false pretenses, then allowed me to photograph them and prepare the book.  I shot his dog tags and designed a cover, laid out the book including some stock photos of ships he had sailed on. It was printed in time for Christmas and was a huge surprise.

book cover

I took a short photo excursion to Elmira one weekend in early October that yielded some nice images. A few of these later were processed using Topaz Labs software and included in my new TOPAZ II book. The deer were in a field with some horses outside of Horsehead.

deer in a field

Elmira yard

street scene Elmira

In early December it was rehearsal at the Youth Bureau with Running To Places for the upcoming production of Hairspray.

rehearsal 1

rehearsal 2

The day after Christmas I was shooting a family portrait on the Cornell campus. A chilly day, but fortunately it was a winter with little snowfall.

family portrait

On January first, I teamed up with my fabulous daughter, Tessa, and her partner, Ariel to shoot pictures for, and produce a book cover for their friend, Dana’s new book. The scene is one from the story and Tessa and Ariel had decided how they wanted it to look, so we set about making it happen.  It was shot in a patch of virgin woods in Trumansburg during the day, then Photoshopped to look like moonlight.  We found some stock photos of blue flames and set the picture on fire.  It was great fun.

book cover

Later in January came the actual Running To Places production of Hairspray at the State Theatre.  I’m sorry I didn’t get up my usual fullblown posts for the last few presentations this season (see my next few posts). I’ve hardly had time to edit the pictures, much less post them to the blog. But needless to say, it was an amazing, fun, comical and entertaining show with great performances.

hairspray 1

hairspray 2

hairspray 3

hairspray 5

hairspray 4

hairspray 6

hairspray 7

hairspray 8

hairspray 9

I began working full time on January 1st for good friend, Shai Eynav, at his company Spider Holster.  I had been doing trade shows with them and working part time late in 2011, but Shai asked me to come on board full time and I immediately said yes.  Late in January it was off to New Orleans for the Trade Show at Imaging USA. I love New Orleans. It was my third time there and I took advantage of every morning to go out and shoot ahead of the trade show hours.

new orleans 1

New Orleans 2

New Orleans 3

The best pictures came from the area down around Frenchman Street in the Jazz district.

New Orleans 4

Later in February, it was back to Las Vegas for WPPI. This is one of the biggest trade shows of the season, focused primarily on Wedding Photographers. It always makes for some great antics at the hotel. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas….NOT!

Vegas 1

Vegas 2

Vegas 3
Bob is up for anything!

Vegas 4

No sooner back from Las Vegas, and it was back to shooting Running To Places and their production of Oliver at the Hangar Theatre.

Oliver 1

oliver 2

oliver 3

oliver 5

oliver 6

oliver 7

oliver 8

oliver 10

oliver 11

In March it was back to New York for Photo Plus Expo at the Javitts Center, the big New York photo expo and trade show and in April it was time for me to move into a new place. Back to living on my own (which is fine) and now having some room for office and a small studio, a place to store all of my framed art instead of constantly moving it around every time my daughter came home (I was storing it all in her room) and only a mile from work which is saving me a ton in milage and gas.

That brings me up to Spring of this year. Next post, I’ll catch things up even further.

Glad to be back.

All images are Copyright © George Cannon, All Rights Reserved.

Images from Running To Places productions are available at http://imageguy.zenfolio.com. 30% goes back to Running To Places.