Why is Nature trying to kill us?

by imageguy


The only thing more threatening to us than politics at this time is the Corona virus. Through the year of “everything that can go wrong has gone wrong” to bring us to the worst-case scenario, we are now faced with a country where the virus is out of control, killing people in LA at the rate of four an hour. My own sister, Covid positive, was sent home, then denied ambulance service to return to the hospital in northwest Atlanta. The vaccine is there, but with no cohesive plan nationally to distribute it, other than “give it to the states and let them figure it out”. So, vaccine sits waiting for the way-over-stressed medical community to just get off their lazy asses and start poking people.  We are our worst enemy.

The country is so divided politically, emotionally, philosophically, culturally. The red hats with guns and the rebel flag and the pick-up trucks and the rude shouting at young people trying to do a difficult job and the “I don’t have to do it because I’m an American and I have rights” people who are so enamored with narcissism that they would cause an entire plane load of people to be forced off an airplane just to say, “you can’t make me wear a mask”. I am sorry. But I have had all I can take of the rudeness, the hatred, the racism, The selfishness, the brutality, the false Christians, the hypocrisy, and the lack of understanding among educated people, that we are all part of a system and no one can live in this system without contact and influence in the lives of those around you. It is an abandonment of responsibility. Too much greed. Too much tolerance for a lack of civility and humanity. This is a world capable of the most magical and amazing developments. But as human beings we are constantly bent on a path of self-destruction. And as the dominant creature on the planet, there is little there to control that destruction.

My theory is…enter Nature. We, as a species, have the capability to produce anything. When I saw the rockets of SpaceX landing back on the launch pad, like a 60’s sci-fi adventure, but real. It was like watching the first manned orbit. That same excitement and amazement at what could be accomplished. At my age I have seen incredible technological advances. I grew up in the era of cars with 6-volt batteries and straight shift on the column and tires with tubes. I remember the development of the hand-held calculator and the transistor radio, the touch tone phone, we had bikes with coaster brakes, black and white TV and 45 RPM records. My first computer was a monster with 64K of ram and two floppy drives. This world could produce solar power world-wide, with power from waves, and wind. Enough to power everything we need. We have the technology to raise enough food to feed the world’s populations. I believe tiny Denmark grows more food than the country can eat and feeds a huge part of Europe. Agriculture, industry, science and research need to evolve with the needs not only of the humans, but of the entire planet. The entire system.

This will take an enormous change of attitude among the people of the world. Some of us believe that educating young people on this goal is the key, but the control of education, ideas, curriculum, research, the setting of goals for the nations and the world, these things require major commitments from leaders and the population. Humans seem hell bent on avoiding this, or at least creating a riot while avoiding change. We over fish the oceans, using massive factory ships. We spend massive amounts of energy and resources to create food for animals that then become food themselves, and create massive pollution in doing so. Where ever you turn, you can find a way we have damaged our planet while suiting our own desires and ends.

Nature has a remarkable way of controlling the system when you look at the evolution of species on this planet. Everything in nature is by design. From cell structure, to physical form and appearance, to colors and patterns, to evolutionary development and natural behaviors. The hierarchy of species, how smaller creatures feed larger creatures, and how insects co-exist with plants to the benefit of both. How the destruction of one organism is designed to benefit the life of another. These are all things that nature designs to stay in harmony and balance on the planet. We are part of that evolution, yet our brain development has led to a species that is capable of interrupting the natural paths of nature. By altering the flow of rivers and changing the atmosphere, and forcing extinctions by destruction of habitat, and such efforts, we have also altered the balance required to maintain a livable environment.

When nature experiences something that alters the path, nature makes correction. This is evolution. When there is a year of abundant rain, that feeds the natural seeds, such that the population of mice grows, nature will then provide an abundance of fox pups to control these multiplying mice. And so, it goes up and down every chain, except in the case of humans.

So as nature attempts to control the ever-burgeoning population of humans on the planet, who have devised ways to shelter from weather and storms, to build structures in the most hostile locations, who have learned to find water in the desert and heat on mountain tops. We are defiant of control, even by nature. But as anyone who has owned a home on the coastal shores will tell you, the power of nature is not to be denied.  Ask any dinosaur.

So, if I were in nature’s shoes, I would be looking at this planet system and saying, something is way out of whack. So, what can we do to stop these humans. And a virus looked like a good alternative. Storms don’t seem to work since they have pretty good houses. And you just can’t get to everybody easily. Plus, we hurt other animals and such in the process. Fires worked pretty well this year, but humans are cagey and can move fast so they escape and we just end up hurting the forest. So, we need something that doesn’t require specific planetary guidance. We need something that they will just give to themselves without assistance. Not only that, but something that would spread quickly and that there was no known avoidance. Make it easy to spread. All they have to do, is breathe in and breathe out, which they do normally, especially at sports events. That will be easy.

So out of nature’s pocket comes Covid-19. Not only is this a crafty little predator, if you do something to make it harder on this smart-ass he just changes, evolves, to combat the road block.

Nature is pissed off and I don’t blame her. The Native Americans believe we have a responsibility to this earth that is our mother. Species will arrive, evolve, and perish based on their willingness to be a part of the system. We are all star dust, as is everything around us. We have simply evolved as specific organisms in nature. And our own evolution has put us in peril, not to mention the species that have vanished as a result of our being here. We have a chance like every generation before us to school the young to understand their place in the survival of this planet and the living things on it. We are not separate. We are a necessary part. But we are out of balance. We have our place, but have over stepped our boundaries. We owe Nature our attention. We have lost sight of our purpose and our humanity. Nature will continue to slap our hand until we look inside and understand. And Nature will continue in spite of us, and without us if necessary.

Happy New Year! Be safe. Wear your mask.

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