ImageGuy is George Cannon. I am an artist and photographer living in upstate New York. I have a website at http://www.georgecannonphotography.com . I spent ten years working as a free-lance photographer, taught photography through adult ed for many years, and also owned and operated a stained and leaded glass studio for about twelve years. My interests have always been in art, architecture, graphic design, light, form, color, and line. I am currently semi-retired after working thirteen years at an art museum. This blog is for the expression of my ideas as they relate to my photography and my art, to promote my website, and to share some of my work with others. It is my catharsis and my podium. Your comments about my posts are welcome.

Any images of mine that you see on my blogs or at my websites can be purchased by contacting me directly or through my website. If you don’t see it in one of my galleries, write to me and I will make it available. Thanks.

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