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Time To Catch Up

It is amazing to me that it’s been about eleven months since I posted to this blog. Life slips away much too quickly and the days fill with things to do. But I will post a couple of catch up blogs to get back to current, though they can’t possibly cover everything.

Things got a bit crazy last September when my wife and I decided to separate. Unexpected for me, but not surprising. Long story that I won’t elaborate on here. So I began looking for a place to rent and assembling some furniture that I would need since splitting households always leaves one lacking in some of the things you’ve been accustomed to. I know this from experience (long story again).

In the mean time, still working some part time projects at the Art Museum and doing my photography. I was approached in late October by Linda Harris to produce a book to be a gift for her Dad documenting his records of his time in the military. She persuaded him to give her access to many of his documents and photos under false pretenses, then allowed me to photograph them and prepare the book.  I shot his dog tags and designed a cover, laid out the book including some stock photos of ships he had sailed on. It was printed in time for Christmas and was a huge surprise.

book cover

I took a short photo excursion to Elmira one weekend in early October that yielded some nice images. A few of these later were processed using Topaz Labs software and included in my new TOPAZ II book. The deer were in a field with some horses outside of Horsehead.

deer in a field

Elmira yard

street scene Elmira

In early December it was rehearsal at the Youth Bureau with Running To Places for the upcoming production of Hairspray.

rehearsal 1

rehearsal 2

The day after Christmas I was shooting a family portrait on the Cornell campus. A chilly day, but fortunately it was a winter with little snowfall.

family portrait

On January first, I teamed up with my fabulous daughter, Tessa, and her partner, Ariel to shoot pictures for, and produce a book cover for their friend, Dana’s new book. The scene is one from the story and Tessa and Ariel had decided how they wanted it to look, so we set about making it happen.  It was shot in a patch of virgin woods in Trumansburg during the day, then Photoshopped to look like moonlight.  We found some stock photos of blue flames and set the picture on fire.  It was great fun.

book cover

Later in January came the actual Running To Places production of Hairspray at the State Theatre.  I’m sorry I didn’t get up my usual fullblown posts for the last few presentations this season (see my next few posts). I’ve hardly had time to edit the pictures, much less post them to the blog. But needless to say, it was an amazing, fun, comical and entertaining show with great performances.

hairspray 1

hairspray 2

hairspray 3

hairspray 5

hairspray 4

hairspray 6

hairspray 7

hairspray 8

hairspray 9

I began working full time on January 1st for good friend, Shai Eynav, at his company Spider Holster.  I had been doing trade shows with them and working part time late in 2011, but Shai asked me to come on board full time and I immediately said yes.  Late in January it was off to New Orleans for the Trade Show at Imaging USA. I love New Orleans. It was my third time there and I took advantage of every morning to go out and shoot ahead of the trade show hours.

new orleans 1

New Orleans 2

New Orleans 3

The best pictures came from the area down around Frenchman Street in the Jazz district.

New Orleans 4

Later in February, it was back to Las Vegas for WPPI. This is one of the biggest trade shows of the season, focused primarily on Wedding Photographers. It always makes for some great antics at the hotel. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas….NOT!

Vegas 1

Vegas 2

Vegas 3
Bob is up for anything!

Vegas 4

No sooner back from Las Vegas, and it was back to shooting Running To Places and their production of Oliver at the Hangar Theatre.

Oliver 1

oliver 2

oliver 3

oliver 5

oliver 6

oliver 7

oliver 8

oliver 10

oliver 11

In March it was back to New York for Photo Plus Expo at the Javitts Center, the big New York photo expo and trade show and in April it was time for me to move into a new place. Back to living on my own (which is fine) and now having some room for office and a small studio, a place to store all of my framed art instead of constantly moving it around every time my daughter came home (I was storing it all in her room) and only a mile from work which is saving me a ton in milage and gas.

That brings me up to Spring of this year. Next post, I’ll catch things up even further.

Glad to be back.

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“A Plague on Both Your Houses”

The fourth show of the 2011 season presented by Running To Places took place at Ithaca’s State Theatre with their amazing interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. A contemporary punk urban set, soundtrack, and costumes gave the play a current feel yet the true Shakespearean language kept the show classic and authentic. A big hats off to Joey Steinhagen for amazing direction and for inspiring these talented young thespians to push themselves to incredible performances. Another kudos goes to Alexander Woodward and David Arsenault for outstanding set design and incredible lighting. For a local performance it smacked of high end production standards. I think one of the best and most memorable shows I have seen from this young company and, from all the comments of the cast members I have heard and seen on the Facebook pages, one of their favorites and most inspiring productions as well.



The lead roles of Romeo and Juliet were played with great skill, intense emotion, and touching sensitivity by Kevin Hilgartner and Nicole Rossi. Both of these extremely talented teens had us feeling the pain and anguish of these two tortured lovers with highly charged performances that captivated the audience. The attraction and love between these two was believable and everyone felt their intense sorrow at the deaths of  Mercutio, Tybalt, and eventually their own suicides. Kevin has played so many fabulous roles for R2P with major parts in Anything Goes, Music Man, The Man Who Came To Dinner and a stellar performance in R2P2’s two person play, The Last Five Years opposite Alex Lopinto.  Nicole is a veteran R2P performer with roles in Honk, two Spring Showcases, Guys and Dolls, and Footloose. Her intensely emotional portrayal of Juliet brought tears to many. They were both stunning in these roles and showed us the best of their talent and dedication.





Kevin’s younger sister, Erin Hilgartner, who first appeared for us singing “Benjamin Calypso” in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, came back to amuse us and thrill us as Mercutio. Accompanied on stage by Charlotte Senders as Benvolio, the two fought, chased, verbally sparred, and tangled with just about everyone.  Erin’s chiding of Romeo and attempts to conjure him from the night while dressed in a hot dog costume were delightful, and Mercutio’s knife fight with Tybalt, played so dramatically by Cacidy Roseman, and ultimate death in Romeo’s arms showed such amazing drama and emotion from this incredible middle-schooler, we were all simply amazed at every performance.




The fight scenes were choreographed so carefully and rehearsed over and over again and as a result had a very realistic feel, particularly the knife fight and the subsequent battle between Romeo and Tybalt where Tybalt is ultimately slain. Cacidy bravely took one for the team when he was actually injured in dress rehearsals during the knife fight, yet came back every night to make the drama real.





The other stunning performance in the show came from Anthony Nigro who, dressed in drag, played Juliet’s nurse. Anthony gave this character such amazing life and played the role with such love and sympathy for Juliet. You almost stole the show Anthony.




James Palmer played the role of Friar Laurence, counseling Romeo and Juliet with love and concern, trying desperately to help the two young lovers come together and eventually come up with a scheme to keep them together after Romeo’s banishment, yet his plan’s failure is their ultimate undoing.



To all the cast members, production crew, and support staff, I have to give a standing ovation on this one. A brilliant production, fabulous performances, and one of, if not the very best I’ve seen from Running To Places. You were all magnificent. I don’t know how you will top this one.




All images are Copyright © George Cannon

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Adrienne and Jared wed in Geneva

Like many who chose the rare 10/10/10 date to marry, Adrienne and Jared were wed in Geneva, New York by Seneca Lake on this beautiful fall afternoon. On the Today show that morning, a numerologist talked about how auspicious the date was for those who began relationships or chose to marry on this special date. Adrienne and Jared live in Virginia, but Adrienne’s family are in Trumansburg where I live, so I was fortunate they found me when looking for a central New York photographer. They are both charming and personable people, easy going and open so I had every expectation that this would be a fun and enjoyable wedding.

wedding 1

The wedding took place in the late afternoon at the Ramada Geneva Lakefront at the north end of Seneca Lake. A beautiful ceremony, both Christian and Jewish, performed under the tent on the lawn as the sun shone on the beautiful autumn color surrounding us all. The forecast had been somewhat suspect early in the week, but Jared is a meteorologist so we assigned him the task of assuring a beautiful day and he did a masterful job.

When I arrived, the girls were already downstairs in their preparation room just off the tent area. The boys were in the wedding suite upstairs getting dressed and watching the football game (as guys are prone to do). Everyone was in great spirits and no one seemed overly nervous.

wedding 22

wedding 2

wedding 3

wedding 19

wedding 4

wedding 5

wedding 16

Guests strolled by the lake and gathered under the tent as the wedding time approached while the groomsmen waited in the gazebo on the lawn. As the ceremony began, the girls emerged wearing dresses of beautiful autumn red-orange with flowers to match. The bouquets were beautifully done by Vine Garden Designs in Trumansburg. The ceremony was simple and lovely.

wedding 6

wedding 7

wedding 20

wedding 8

wedding 9

We had a short period after the wedding for our formal shots by the water and for a few with the bride and groom before gathering inside as the sun disappeared. Introductions, first dances, and toasts followed early on before dinner.

wedding 9

wedding 10

wedding 11

Cindy Smith provided the wedding cakes which were beautifully done. It didn’t take long afterward for the dance floor to fill with music provided by Ron from Paradise Entertainment . Wedding receptions usually bloom around the personalities of the wedding party and this one was no exception. Combined with a great fun-loving group of friends and relatives, this was a party to remember. The celebration was even extended another hour because everyone was having such a wonderful time.

wedding 12

wedding 13

wedding 13

wedding 14

wedding 14

wedding 15

wedding 21

My thanks to the families of the bride and groom, and to all the members of the wedding party. You made my job much easier and  enjoyable just being your wonderful selves. Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Ramada, especially to Andy in the reception room and Teresa Robinson, the Ramada’s Wedding Planner. Everyone was truly helpful and totally professional. And thanks to Adrienne and Jared. I hope I helped make your day special for you both.

wedding 17

All images are Copyright © George Cannon.

Katie and Jake at Cornell

katie 1

Back in December I met with Katie and Jake to talk about their wedding and was very pleased when they booked with me. I knew when I met them that their wedding would be beautiful and fun. Both living in California now, they are originally from this area so came back to Ithaca to be married at Sage Chapel on the Cornell campus on June 26th.  The weather teased us that day threatening rain all day, but fortunately spared us the umbrellas (though not the summer heat).
I met Katie and her bridal party at Innovations in downtown Ithaca for hair and makeup. As is often the case, parties and late nights left everyone kind of dragging a bit, but the excitement was still there.  Katie is a small girl with the longest eyelashes I have ever seen.

katie 2

katie 3

katie 4

katie 5

The guys were having a cold one and watching the World Cup matches at The Rose tavern with Katie’s dad after shooting some hoops earlier.

katie 6

I returned to the Statler Hotel at Cornell to shoot the bride getting ready amidst the cell phone calls, pizza deliveries, and bustling about with last minute preparations. My daughter, Tessa, met me there to play the role of assistant for the day. Her first venture into that realm, but a great help and fun to have her along. The bridal party was having a great time up in the room. Katie’s dress was gorgeous, sleek and smooth, with amazing beading down her bare back.

katie 7

After a while in the bridal suite, I returned to Sage to wait for the guys to arrive.  I met Eric, the videographer,  there from Black Tie Entertainment up in Syracuse (they provided the DJ services as well) and we spoke about plans for images and how best to cooperate with each other. I also met Sara White from Wildflowers in Dryden, NY who was supplying all the beautiful calla lilies for the wedding.

katie 8

katie 9

katie 9

The ceremony was fairly short and very sweet. The wedding party gathered outside for formal groups and then we boarded the limo bus for some bride and groom shots. At this point, unfortunately, we were running a bit behind schedule and had to cut out special picture time short, foiling plans to go to the Cornell Arboretum for some bride and groom shots in the landscape. A disappointment, but these things happen so you go with the flow.

katie 10

katie 10

katie 11

katie 11

katie 12

Back at the Statler, the room was beautiful. The food was delicious. The bar was open and the party was off and running. The cake was small and symbolic, but a work of art. The bride and groom were encouraged to kiss, not by the traditional clinking of the glasses, but by table groups standing and singing love songs to them. Great fun.

katie 16

katie 12

katie 13

katie 15

katie 16

As I have always found, it was the bride’s maid that were the life of the party (thanks Gina), though some of the older members of the guests cut a pretty mean rug as well.

katie 17

katie 18

katie 19

katie 20

All in all, a wonderful occasion and a beautiful wedding with a great couple. Thanks to Katie, Jake, The Benningers, and all the wedding party for making me feel so welcome and including me in the festivities. You guys were all great!

katie 20

katie 21

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R2P2 Second Stage Premieres with “The Last Five Years”

As if Running To Places didn’t have enough going on, they have launched a second stage dubbed R2P2 to serve as an experimental lab for some of the older students. R2P2 will give these young theatre enthusiasts a chance to take a bigger role in all phases of the production. So from June 7th through today, they are presenting their first production, launching with “The Last Five Years”, a wonderful off-Broadway story by Jason Robert Brown of Jamie and Cathy in their five year relationship.



Told as a one-act, two person musical it follows a unique path with Cathy’s version starting at the end of their relationship and working backward, while Jamie’s version starts at the beginning and moves forward. It is a beautiful, sensitive, and intimate portrayal performed like professionals by Kevin Hilgartner as Jamie and Alex LoPinto as Cathy.





To add to the intimacy, the production was staged at Risley Hall Theatre on the Cornell University campus. A small theatre with only 90 seats, it brings the play closer and more personal and makes the touching story and dynamic performances of these two young actors real and very moving.




Alex LoPinto conveys the emotions of sadness and disappointment at a relationship that has reached its end, the unsure but hopeful years of connection with Jamie, and finally the early years of struggling to become a success on her own while reaching out to a new relationship. She is a beautiful young woman with a strong clear voice and the ability to hold you captivated with her emotion and believable portrayal.




Kevin Hilgartner does a fabulous job with the character of Jamie, the young author who wants success and will not let go of the rising path of his career. He falls for Cathy and struggles with the balance of his goals and his love and support of her. In the end, he turns to another, frustrated yet determined to continue on his life path, now without Cathy.




The show was directed by Kevin’s brother, Nathan Hilgartner, who has starred in other R2P productions such as “the Music Man, and “The Man Who Came To Dinner”. You did a fabulous job, Nathan, in bringing real life, hope and poignancy to the performances of Jamie and Cathy.




Music direction was from Jeremy Pletter, another current R2P member who has appeared regularly in their productions and provided such an incredible performance as the carnivorous plant in “Little Shop of Horrors” last season.

Elaine Young served as stage manager with set design by Technical Director, Mike Garrett and costumes by Aaron Porter and Shauna Belokur.



It is a touching and emotional story and presented with maturity and professionalism by this new team and promises to bring to our community even more of the amazing talent of Ithaca’s young theatre performers. Bravo, R2P2 on a resounding inaugural production, Bravo!

All images are Copyright © George Cannon.  Images from all Running To Places productions are available at with 20% going back to support Running To Places.

At the Vortex, Energy and Phoenix

I just returned from Phoenix, Arizona where my wife was graduating from her certification program with Donna Eden Energy Medicine. Donna is an amazing presence on the planet, touching the lives of countless people who are learning to heal themselves and others through the energy that exists and flows through and around all of us. After years of study and numerous trips to Phoenix, my wife’s group has reached the culmination of the first phase of training and this trip was to conclude and celebrate this event.

palms and sunrise

The training and this event take place at The Wigwam Golf Resort and Spa in Phoenix, a beautiful complex that has been an oasis in Arizona since the 1920s. Tall palm trees grace the manicured grounds and a complex of beautiful casitas surround the main building with fountains, pools, fireplaces, and ballrooms. The halls are filled with old photographs of the days when guests rode out across the desert on horseback and celebrities came to play golf in the warm Arizona sun. The place is gorgeous and anything you require is graciously furnished.

Wigwam 1

Wigwam 2

Wigwam 3

Wigwam 4

The Energy Medicine attendees gathered for a wonderful party on Saturday night. Many arrived in costumes and groups performed a variety of entertainment for everyone present. Donna Eden arrived dressed as Glenda, The Good Witch, and spread such laughter and joy with her infectious smile and loving presence. Never having been around this group of devotees before, I could quickly see why so many are drawn to her and all her family and teachers. There is a spiritual connection and atmosphere that pervades all that happens with this group. It was inspiring.

The real surprise of the evening was the musical performances of Here II Here, an amazing group of musicians who thrilled us all with their original songs and gave a magical performance. They are currently on a west coast tour, and if you can see them, you shouldn’t miss a chance to experience their love, joy, spirituality, grace, and peace. They are fabulous.

party 1

party 2

party 3

party 4

party 5

party 6

Monday was the actual graduation ceremony which was solemn, peaceful, emotional, and deeply moving, while also being joyous and uplifting. The love and connection among all these people is very powerful. It was beautiful and I felt privileged to experience it as a guest.

graduation 1

graduation 2

During the day, while my wife was busy with her classes and workshops, I drove and wandered about Phoenix, exploring an area I had never seen before and looking for great images. I love the desert and after some very cold months in New York, was ready for some sun and warmer temperatures. The city is laid out as a grid so fairly easy to navigate. I drove about exploring the outskirts in small towns like Buckeye, and through some of the urban areas of Scottsdale with all its art galleries and the antique shops of Glendale. I am always looking for new urban landscape images and photos for my Ornamental America series when I go to a new city.

buckeye 1

buckeye 2




I took some time to visit the Desert Botanical Gardens where visitors can see an endless array of cactus and succulents and other desert plants from four different types of desert regions of the American Southwest. I was surprised at how popular the gardens were, with a sizable crowd there visiting and walking the trails.

gardens 1

gardens 2

gardens 3

gardens 4

I also took time one afternoon to go for a short hike in the Phoenix Mountain Recreational Park north of Scottsdale. It is one of several natural recreation areas that ring the Phoenix area as the valley stretches out to the surrounding mountains.

desert 1

desert 2

desert 3

Finally, my wife and I took a little extra time and drove north to Sedona to see the red rock country. Unlike Phoenix which is very flat and desert brown, Sedona sits at the edge of the vast plateau region that stretches down from Colorado and Utah at a much higher altitude. It is marked by stunning canyons of Oak Creek and red rock formations that stand like monuments in the landscape. A beautiful climax to a very satisfying trip.

sedona 1

sedona 2

sedona 3

sedona 4

All images are Copyright © George Cannon, All Rights Reserved.

Andrea and Stephen married in Canandaigua

Last Saturday I had the great pleasure and wonderful experience of photographing the wedding of Andrea Sorensen and Stephen Graves in Canandaigua, New York. Andrea had scheduled late October because of her love for the fall season and New York did not disappoint, other than some typically sketchy weather, which, in the long run, cooperated amazingly well. I met Andrea and Kate, her Maid of Honor, at Icon Salon and Spa on Main Street in Canandaigua at 9 AM.

wedding pic 1

wedding pic 2

The girls were dragging a bit from the rehearsal dinner party festivities, but in great spirits and excited about the day ahead. Other bridal party members arrived a little later with food and drink to begin the day of celebration. After hair and makeup, I followed Andrea and Kate back to Bristol Harbour on Canadaigua Lake for the final preparation before the limo ride back to the church.

wedding pic 3

wedding pic 4

wedding pic 5

wedding pic 5

I was delighted by the love and caring that obviously exists between these two girls as Kate played the Maid of Honor role with such dedication. Both of these beautiful young ladies made me feel so welcome and appreciated, and made my job so easy. We returned to Canadaigua for the ceremony at St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Main Street, a beautiful sanctuary that hosts about two hundred weddings a year. The groomsmen were busy filling the church and making preparations while the bridal party sneaked into the basement waiting room.

wedding pic 6

wedding pic 7

wedding pic 8

A very large wedding party was made up of several bridesmaids, two best men and several groomsmen, and two junior members. Themes of red, black, and white made for a beautiful color combination. Well done, guys! The ceremony was lovely and very personal.

wedding pic 9

wedding pic 10

wedding pic 11

wedding pic 12

wedding pic 12

After formal family groups at the church, the wedding party drove a few blocks to Sonnenberg Gardens for formal shots of the bride and groom and their accompanying entourage. I had met Andrea and Stephen and bridesmaid, Lauren there the previous weekend to pick out suitable spots for photography. Sonnenberg is a state owned historic mansion and gardens in Canandaigua where weddings and wedding photos are a regular occurance. Gorgeous backdrops of flowers all season and beautiful fall color in October make for fabulous settings. A staff member accompanied us the entire time making sure we were taken care of and keeping the brides dress off the damp ground from the early morning rain. Can’t say enough about what a great place Sonnenberg is.

wedding pic 13

wedding pic 14

wedding pic 15

We all returned to Bristol Harbour for the reception. Good friends and family members danced until the late night hours to a great selection of music supplied by their DJ from Turner Music in Rochester.

wedding pic 16

wedding pic 17

wedding pic 18

wedding pic 19

wedding pic 26

wedding pic 20

One thing that can always be counted on at wedding receptions is at least one beautiful baby, and this one was no exception. Great toasts, the shoe game, and outstanding performances on the dance floor made the party one to always remember.

wedding pic 21

wedding pic 22

wedding pic 23

wedding pic 24

wedding pic 25

wedding pic 26

wedding pic 27

Thanks very much to Andrea and Stephen, Kate, to Chuck and Martha, and everyone who made my work so enjoyable. I wish all of you joy and happiness.

wedding pic 28

wedding pic 29

Photos Copyright © George Cannon – Images

Looking back at 2008 – a year of great images – Vol.1

I’ve been very fortunate this year. It’s been a year of wonderful images and I feel so lucky to have collected so many. So many that I had a very hard time choosing and keeping this look back down to a couple of posts. But I do have my favorites, and I’ve pulled a select few out to go back and remind me of why I take pictures, why I love recording those moments and those visions and those places that have made up the past year that I don’t want to forget and that I want to share with anyone that will look, and possibly see the beauty and color and design of the world around us each day the way I do. And of course, those special moments with other lives that are part of the fabric of our own.

My greatest joy, as is no surprise, derives from my daughter. A senior in high school this year, I can’t help feeling that pang parents feel as they begin to realize how their lives will change when there are no children left at home and how close that time is getting. As much as she wears me out with late night transportation and looking at her room that I would love to organize, but dare not touch. Still, hearing her play her piano at night or typing at her keyboard, watching her dance,  hearing her laugh with friends, or singing with her favorite music, having her ask me to help her with ideas for an English essay, or sharing her photos and poetry with me. These are things I will miss so much on a day to day basis.

But this year I have seen her dance, so beautifully. With her dance team at Armstrong School (another year of wonderful performances),in school plays, and with Running to Places, the youth theater group she has been a part of. I’ve become a big fan of these kids, and am dazzled by the talent in their company.

And I’ve begun shooting senior portraits for her and her classmates. These kids are so beautiful, and I love this time in their lives. I hope they know how special it is.

I shot Hannah and Mike’s wedding this year. A fun shoot, though these jobs can be so tiring. But I love the atmosphere of a wedding and the love that exists there among everyone. I also realized this year that it’s the bridesmaids and the kids that make the party.

We spent Thanksgiving this year at my Mother-in-law’s house, as we always do. She has several cats but “Tiger Eye” is the alpha cat in the house.

I love calico cats and this year we unfortunately lost one of ours (we had two sisters). Rea was a roamer and wandered for days sometimes but would always come home eventually. This year, she didn’t come home. I miss her.

So a year of changes (as they all are) and of joys. Of discoveries and losses. Of sharing. Of being an audience. Of memories.

In the next post I’ll look back at travels and home.

All images are Copyright © George Cannon, all rights reserved.

Hannah and Mike at Six Mile Creek

I work with Hannah Dunn at the Johnson Art Museum at Cornell, and I was delighted when she asked me if I’d photograph her wedding for her. She and her husband-to-be, Mike Ryan, chose Six Mile Creek Vineyard for the venue and we met there to discuss their plans. She and Mike told me the wedding party was going to be large and they weren’t kidding with ten female attendants and six males, three flower girls and two ring bearers. And loads of family members, mostly from out of town. But the cooperation, planning, and great personalities of everyone made the whole day a true pleasure and everything flowed without a hitch. At least none that I could see.

We started with the ladies at Innovations Salon in Ithaca. The girls lounged and chatted as each took their turn. And all emerged glorious and beautiful. Hannah is a striking woman with large intense blue eyes and a captivating smile.

Later, I met the men at the winery where they graciously poured wine for the guys and gave us permission to shoot where ever we chose.

Six Mile Creek is a fabulous location for a wedding beside a beautiful lake with a central fountain, a pergola, and path that wraps around the water, small docks, and a backdrop of grapevines, woods, and flower beds. A small secluded tent was set up for Hannah to get ready out of Mike’s sight.

The weather cooperated all afternoon though the threat of rain was looming. We held on and didn’t see even a sprinkle until we were almost finished with the outside pictures.

John Simon played and sang for the procession and Janet Shortall from Cornell United Religious Work, as she always does, performed an absolutely beautiful ceremony that touched everyone with its love and tenderness and joy.

Afterward, Mike and Hannah made my job easy and seemed up for anything I suggested.

Everyone mingled patiently under the tent while we finished shooting formals and then some special stuff with just the two of them, then everything moved to the reception with wonderful food and tapas from “Just A Taste” in Ithaca.

Like most receptions, the bridesmaids are always the life of the party, inspiring everyone to have the grandest fun time. Everyone danced, laughed, and showered the bride and groom with love and attention, as it should be.

It was a beautiful, memorable night. My thanks to Mike and Hannah, to their great wedding party, their many parents, and all their friends for making me feel welcome and appreciated. You guys were great.

All images are Copyright © George Cannon.

Images from Hannah and Mike’s Wedding are available at:

Oh, For That Kind of Stamina!

This past weekend was dance weekend. The Fourteenth Annual Performances of the Armstrong School of Dance were held once again at Ford Hall on the campus of Ithaca College. My daughter has, as in years previous, been a member of the dance team and has also been teaching and choreographing younger students this year. Nine classes a week in all between hers and theirs. I don’t know how she does it and with such ease it seems. But dance is her life and she lives and breathes it. So the big weekend began on Thursday night with dress rehearsals, then performances on Saturday and Sunday.

dance 1

dance 2

dance 3

Her mom and I were running around as support staff. My wife working behind the scenes to help with the “ducklings”. These are the tiny kids that perform earlier during the day. They need lots of backstage entertaining, bathroom escorts, costume changes, and hand holding. It’s an organizational masterpiece. (there will be pix of these little peaches in the next post) My job was flowers, food for in between performances, and general pack mule, as well as photographer.

dance 4

dance 5

They left early on Saturday and I arrived at 6:00 after picking up food and flowers. The young ones had already danced (as well as two performances by the dance team girls). The changeover takes about two hours, then the older girls danced for another two hours. Including finales, my daughter danced on stage for twelve different numbers with hasty costume changes in between. Tap, jazz, precision, lyrical, ballet, point, and hip-hop. And the show was amazing. I had seen a couple of the numbers at earlier performances they had done around the community. They also dance competitively and have brought home so many trophies and awards this year. They are an awesome group of girls. But back to the whole stamina thing.

dance 6

dance 7

No sooner had the performances ended than I brought in my daughters prom dress, she changed at the hall, and off she went to her junior prom. The bus back from the all night party arrived back at her school at 4:30 AM and she was back up at 9:00 the next morning to shower and head back out to the dance hall. Another round of all day performances, then off to do another two or three hours of practice with a new theater group she has joined and finally home at 10:00 PM to do the homework she still had for Monday. I get exhausted just thinking about it.

dance 8

To my daughter I can only say, I am so proud of you. You are graceful and elegant and a wonder to behold on stage. Your smile says you are alive and happy and joyous. Your emotion and passion are in every step. You brought tears to my eyes and I could not take my eyes off you as you moved across that floor. And your stamina is astounding! Thank you for all you bring and all you give when you perform. You are a very beautiful and special girl.

prom 1

All images are Copyright © George Cannon, All Rights Reserved.

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