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R2P shows off “Thoroughly Modern Millie” at the State Theatre

Running To Places Theatre Company presented “Thoroughly Modern Millie” from July 29th through the 31st at Ithaca’s State Theatre as the next to last show in their 2011 Season.  Next up will be Cinderella again at the State. A fantastic performance as always, this time headlined by Wynter LaTorre-Osavaska as Millie, Marcel Merwin as Jimmy Smith, Rachel Harrington as Mrs. Meers, Emily Behrmann-Fowler as Miss Dorothy, Austin Brecht as Mr. Graydon, and  Salma Arif as Muzzy, with great support from Sam Bobertz and Chunmei McKernan as Ching Ho and Bun Foo and a host of other cast members.

millie 1

millie 2

millie 3

millie 4

millie 5

millie 21

Outstanding performances came from Wynter, Emily, and Marcel, and fabulous humor, personality, and entertainment from Austin and Rachel. Austin and Emily were particularly great in “Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life / Falling In Love”. And I thought Millie’s (Wynter’s) star performances came in “Jimmy” and  “Gimme, Gimme”. Rachel played the wicked Mrs. Meers to great delight, and Marcel shined in “What Do I Need With Love”.

millie 6

millie 7

millie 8

millie 8

millie 9

millie 10

Elaborate sets designed again by David Arsenault set the stage for an amazingly professional feeling as one scene after the other changed and shifted to create an array of settings with fabulous color and character. The sets get more elaborate and sophisticated with each show. The company has come so far from its first season and just continues to grow and produce more exciting shows with each production.

millie 12

millie 12

millie 13

millie 14

millie 16

Todd Peterson choreographed great dance numbers for this show with tap, jazz, and ballroom performances. Marcel Merwin showed off his considerable dance talents in “What Do I Need With Love”.

millie 16

millie 16

millie 17

millie 20

So a standing ovation for all the cast, crew, and orchestra for another outstanding R2P show. You give us all such joy with what you bring.

millie 22

millie 23

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Gulf Coast on the 4th

I was fortunate this year to once again spend the 4th of July on Florida’s beautiful Gulf coast. I was also fortunate to have a show opening there at Amavida in Rosemary Beach on June 25th showing some of my abstract works. My thanks go out to Arix Zalace who worked very hard to get the show up and make it look great in the space. And I was very pleased that the image used to advertise the show sold on opening night. So thanks to Arix, Dan, and everyone at Amavida.

Florida 1 abstract

The Gulf Beaches were gorgeous when I arrived. Last year everyone was in a panic over the big oil spill, fearful it would reach this area, and it almost did. And many stayed away last year. But the “Emerald Coast” was fortunately spared. The temperatures were upper 90’s most days and the daily showers that seem to form rarely made it to the beach area. And despite the high gas prices and continued sluggish economy, the beach communities were packed for the holiday week.

Florida 2

Florida 3

Florida 26

Florida 27

My daughter, Tessa, left Ohio Wesleyan at the end of May after a trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands and went straight to Florida to work all summer. So I was so happy to be able to spend a couple of weeks there with her and her girlfriend, Ariel. Otherwise I wouldn’t have seen my daughter all summer. Not that I got to see her that much even when I was there since she and Ariel were working jobs in Seaside and also doing internships at Zoo World in Panama City.

Florida 4

Florida 5

Florida 6

I had the great opportunity this year to visit Zoo World while the girls were working there and see some things up close and personal including an encounter session with the two new baby Bengal tiger cubs. Tessa and Ariel were helping with shows, handling lizards, snakes, and birds for families to see and experience up close among their many other tasks. The facility at Zoo World is relatively small as zoos go, and is dependent on admission fees and donations for its operation. But it has a nice collection of beautiful animals and I am greatful to them for allowing my daughter the opportunity to work and learn during her summer break.

Florida 7

Florida 8

Florida 9


Florida 11

As I have in the past, I attended the Fourth of July parade in Seaside this year. It is so Americana, with families dressed in red, white, and blue; children waving flags; beauty queens in convertibles; fire trucks and decorated cars; people throwing mardi gras beads and candy to the crowd. People line the parade route early with lawn chairs and local companies and organizations march down the main drag of 30A through Seaside entertaining everyone. It’s a patriotic American statement typical of so many communities in our country on that day and I love the atmosphere. The evening is always topped off with fireworks up and down the beach. It’s picturebook America.

Florida 11

Florida 12

Florida 13

Florida 14

Florida 15

Florida 16

I continued, while there, to document my vision of old and new Florida, the interesting juxtapositions of ticky-tacky souveniers and old Florida homes against opulent mansions and grand beach houses. It’s an interesting mix and I love the visual dichotomies. I also took some time to drive over to St. Andrews, a historic village by the bay on the outskirts of Panama City, and into downtown Panama City on a Sunday morning when the streets were virtually deserted. St. Andrews has a number of historic buildings and large oak trees with Spanish moss. And like other areas, both old Florida houses and new Florida mansions.

Florida 17

Florida 17

Florida 18

Florida 19

Florida 20

Florida 21

Florida 21

Florida 22

Florida 23

When I left to return to New York, I took some time to shoot in the small communities in southern Alabama, and on the second day, some time off the main highway on a foggy morning in middle Virginia. All in all, a wonderful trip with some great images.

Florida 24

Florida 25

Florida 26

Florida 26

A big thank you to my father-in-law, Art and his wife, Cheryl, for their ever gracious hospitality and generosity. You make us all so comfortable when we are there. It’s always such a long wait to get back.

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Maybe you can be as lucky as I am….

As much as I appreciate what the internet has done for us all, I am constantly amazed at my continued good fortune, which I would have never known about without the online community. Let me elaborate.

Like many people I know, I set up a gmail account to use as my alternative when contacting people I really don’t want sending me piles of unsolicited stuff. The gmail account is sort of the dumping ground account where spam will accumulate or bogus offers can be sent. Little did I know how such an account would open the door to all those people who were searching for me in order to simply hand me millions of dollars.

For instance, just in the last couple of days I have been contacted by a Swiss woman living in South Africa who wants to give me 10% of her father’s estate just for providing an account where she can transfer the money.  Then I was contacted by Swiss lawyers telling me I am next of kin to one of their clients, recently deceased, and I should contact them to claim my inheritance.

Within another two hours, Mr. Tani Oude from the Bank of Africa, notified me that he would like to give me 18 million dollars that’s been lying unclaimed in his bank. I guess he just wants to help me out, though I have never met the man. How generous!

Then Ms. Mary-Rose, who is currently hospitalized with a spinal cord injury, decided that I would be a good person to help distribute 2.5 million dollars to help charities and individuals, particularly the motherless and widows.  She’ll release the funds as soon as I contact her. Better get on that one.

Next, the United Nations Office of International Oversight seems to think I should be compensated to the tune of $550,000.00 for being a victim of Nigerian scammers. How lucky am I?

This was followed by a message from my friend, Dr. Frank Nana who is a bank manager, notifying me that he wishes to share 25% of the hidden unreported profits from his bank, with me. Can you believe this?

So today, Barrister Mohammed Zahman emailed to say that a client with the same last name as mine, who left behind 17.5 million dollars, lost all his remaining family in a tsunami in Sumatra. The money will be listed as unserviceable should he not distribute it soon, so, I’m in luck again. I wonder what the tax laws are for that kind of gift.

Also, Mr. Gamal Kassim , a wealthy merchant from Dubai, wishes to share 15 to 20% of his wealth if  I will just assist him in giving the rest to charity. I can do that while assisting the widows and motherless people. It’ll be a snap.

Terry Sutton then contacted me from a bank in Scotland where he is Finance Manager. He asked me to join him in a deal to move 12 million British Pounds that some Kuwaiti corporation was over invoiced for. I would get a percentage. This one seems like a risky deal, but it’s an awful lot of money. Not that I really need it now. But maybe more for charity. I could even get a humanitarian award or something.

Finally, Mr. Stanley Brown just needs some information in order to arrange my daily  Western Union transfers of $4500 per day until all of my $1.7 million dollars can be sent.

So, thank you Mr. Internet and the wonderful vehicle of email for delivering this continuous stream of good fortune and wealth. I don’t know how these wonderful people keep finding me, but I know my financial future is secure and my retirement years will be filled with wonderful opportunities.

I wish all of you similar luck.

“A Plague on Both Your Houses”

The fourth show of the 2011 season presented by Running To Places took place at Ithaca’s State Theatre with their amazing interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. A contemporary punk urban set, soundtrack, and costumes gave the play a current feel yet the true Shakespearean language kept the show classic and authentic. A big hats off to Joey Steinhagen for amazing direction and for inspiring these talented young thespians to push themselves to incredible performances. Another kudos goes to Alexander Woodward and David Arsenault for outstanding set design and incredible lighting. For a local performance it smacked of high end production standards. I think one of the best and most memorable shows I have seen from this young company and, from all the comments of the cast members I have heard and seen on the Facebook pages, one of their favorites and most inspiring productions as well.



The lead roles of Romeo and Juliet were played with great skill, intense emotion, and touching sensitivity by Kevin Hilgartner and Nicole Rossi. Both of these extremely talented teens had us feeling the pain and anguish of these two tortured lovers with highly charged performances that captivated the audience. The attraction and love between these two was believable and everyone felt their intense sorrow at the deaths of  Mercutio, Tybalt, and eventually their own suicides. Kevin has played so many fabulous roles for R2P with major parts in Anything Goes, Music Man, The Man Who Came To Dinner and a stellar performance in R2P2’s two person play, The Last Five Years opposite Alex Lopinto.  Nicole is a veteran R2P performer with roles in Honk, two Spring Showcases, Guys and Dolls, and Footloose. Her intensely emotional portrayal of Juliet brought tears to many. They were both stunning in these roles and showed us the best of their talent and dedication.





Kevin’s younger sister, Erin Hilgartner, who first appeared for us singing “Benjamin Calypso” in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, came back to amuse us and thrill us as Mercutio. Accompanied on stage by Charlotte Senders as Benvolio, the two fought, chased, verbally sparred, and tangled with just about everyone.  Erin’s chiding of Romeo and attempts to conjure him from the night while dressed in a hot dog costume were delightful, and Mercutio’s knife fight with Tybalt, played so dramatically by Cacidy Roseman, and ultimate death in Romeo’s arms showed such amazing drama and emotion from this incredible middle-schooler, we were all simply amazed at every performance.




The fight scenes were choreographed so carefully and rehearsed over and over again and as a result had a very realistic feel, particularly the knife fight and the subsequent battle between Romeo and Tybalt where Tybalt is ultimately slain. Cacidy bravely took one for the team when he was actually injured in dress rehearsals during the knife fight, yet came back every night to make the drama real.





The other stunning performance in the show came from Anthony Nigro who, dressed in drag, played Juliet’s nurse. Anthony gave this character such amazing life and played the role with such love and sympathy for Juliet. You almost stole the show Anthony.




James Palmer played the role of Friar Laurence, counseling Romeo and Juliet with love and concern, trying desperately to help the two young lovers come together and eventually come up with a scheme to keep them together after Romeo’s banishment, yet his plan’s failure is their ultimate undoing.



To all the cast members, production crew, and support staff, I have to give a standing ovation on this one. A brilliant production, fabulous performances, and one of, if not the very best I’ve seen from Running To Places. You were all magnificent. I don’t know how you will top this one.




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Running To Places – Spring Showcase 2011

Each season Running To Places theatre company includes Spring Showcase at this time of year, a sampler of great numbers from various shows. As the title suggests, this is designed to “showcase” the many talents of all the Running To Places participants, and they are many and often exceptional. This year’s Showcase (the third) spotlighted a number of shining stars including the choreographic talents of Todd Peterson, R2P’s director of choreography, in the opening number Thriller. The entire cast came to life as dancing zombies under fabulous lighting and set design by Max Doolittle.

showcase 1

showcase 2

Allie Young followed with great vocals and style as the cleaning woman from Urinetown doing Privilege to Pee. I have to admit I wasn’t familiar with this number or this play, but was very entertained by Allie’s wonderful performance. Sophie Potter starred with a number of the ensemble members in There’s No Business Like Show Business, followed by a fabulous duet by Lena Komreich and Emily Behrmann-Fowler doing In His Eyes from Jekyll and Hyde. Caroline Sendek dazzled the boys in Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend, and Kelci Fargnoli-Peterson threw off the habit and belted out I Just Wanna Be a Star from Nunsense.

showcase 3

showcase 4

showcase 5

showcase 6

Next up, Jewel Payne gave a touching performance of I Don’t Know How To Love Him. Following Jewel, Sari Koppel accompanied by a bevy of beauties, danced their way through Forget About The Boy from Thoroughly Modern Millie. The beautiful Pure sisters, Emma and Elissa, appropriately sang Sisters and Elaine Young did just about everything she could do to charm Anthony Nigro with By the Sea from Sweeny Todd.  Anthony would not be swayed. How could one resist a lovely like Elaine?

showcase 7

showcase 8

showcase 9

showcase 10

Sophie Potter and Vanessa Anderson were up next with a marvelous duet, If Mama Were Married from Gypsy. I love these two girls. They are both so comfortable and expressive on stage. Great entertainers. Saia Meyerhoff came back with the full company to do a Katy Perry number, Firework, to leave the audience “up” for the end of the first act.

showcase 11

showcase 12

Opening Act II, AJ Newman was left disappointed as he spruced up for a company of girls in Take A Chance On Me from Mama Mia only to be left behind as they changed their fickle minds and went for Michael Sloan instead. AJ was back with Vanessa Anderson and Lena Komreich and the full company next with I’ve Got Rhythm.  Bretana Turkon followed sensitively with another number from Crazy For You singing Someone to Watch Over Me. AJ and Emma Plotkin danced and sang a really fun routine next doing Love is Always Lovely from The Drowsy Chaperone.  Sophie Potter came back on stage again to perform I’m Not Afraid of Anything, one of my favorites of the entire show.

showcase 13

showcase 14

showcase 15

showcase 16

A large group of the girls were back on stage next to do Move from Dream Girls, and move they did. The male contingent followed with Seize the Day, and Sari Koppel returned to belt out Don’t Rain On My Parade. What a voice! The entire cast closed the show with one of my favorite show tunes, Seasons of Love from Rent.

showcase 19

showcase 20

showcase 17

showcase 18

Overall an amazing show presented again in the fabulous Hangar Theatre. Hats off to Joey Steinhagen, Todd Peterson, Gail Belokur, Richard Montgomery for the great music direction, Mary young for costumes, and Gregg Houck, Thorn Upton, Brianna Hulbert, and all the other amazing contributors for another spectacular Spring Showcase. A Broadway extravaganza right here in our little piece of Finger Lakes paradise. We are all the richer for your contribution to our community. Thank you all!

showcase 19

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Running To Places and “Joseph” at the Hangar Theatre

On February 25th through 27th at Ithaca’s newly renovated Hangar Theatre, it was the middle school contingent of performing stars from Running To Places that came together to present Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

joseph 1

joseph 2

Narrators Arin Caveney, Dina Rigas, Keara Byron, and Michael Sloan introduced us to the story and lead the production throughout, singing, dancing, and bringing the words of the tale to the audience. Joseph was brought to life in the form of Joel Beckwith, another in the line of R2P stars from the Beckwith family who have entertained us again and again. A great job, Joel!

joseph 3

joseph 4

joseph 5

The entire ensemble gave a tight, funny, and masterful performance on a simple, but fabulous stage in the Hangar’s sold out theatre, playing to three sides and even up into the crowd. Great stage and lighting design by Tyler Perry and costumes by Michelle Roy added a real professional look to the whole production.

joseph 6

joseph 6

joseph 13

Other notable performances came from Tommy Strawderman as Potiphar, Bretana Turkon as Potifar’s wife, Ariana Rivera and Marissa Fargnoli-Peterson as the Butler and the Baker, and, for me, amazing standouts Erin Hilgartner (from another family of R2P headliners) as Judah and Bryce Damiani as The Pharaoh.

joseph 7

joseph 8

joseph 9

Erin is a bright shining little peanut with such personality and her performance in Benjamin Calypso was fantastic. Bryce brought great character as the Elvis like Pharaoh, strutting and posing like a Vegas lounge star.

joseph 10

joseph 11

joseph 12

And I don’t want to fail to mention wonderful performances by Lisa Podulka, singing the lead in One More Angel In Heaven and Noah Elman in Those Canaan Days. Fabulous. Bravo to all these kids and the entire ensemble for all their hard work and for pulling together such a great and entertaining show. With these talented middle schoolers, we have years of wonderful song, dance, and acting ahead in future productions.

joseph 14

joseph 15

As usual, kudos to the fabulous talent and mentors behind these young performers, Joey Steinhagen, the director; Gail Belokur, producer; Todd Peterson, choreographer; Michael Wade, music director, Jessie Jardon, stage manager, the band, and all the rest of the talented and hard working crew handling lights, electric, sound, props, costumes, carpentry and paint, concessions, tickets, and everything else that goes into these fantastic performances. I know you all work tirelessly to allow these great kids to experience the joy of performing on stage and bringing our community some of the best local talent one can experience. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

joseph 16

joseph 17

joseph 18

And to the sponsors and parents another big thank you! We love you all!

joseph 20

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Running To Places Opens 2011 with “Anything Goes”

Ithaca theater goers were treated to more outstanding performances from local area youth at the State Theatre as Running To Places opened their 2011 season January 14th-16th with an amazing production of “Anything Goes”.

Anything 24

Wonderful stage sets and a stellar pit band complimented these talented performers as weeks of rehearsals gave way to three days of great entertainment.

Anything 1

Anything 2

Anything 3

Outstanding performances were given by Sari Koppel as Reno Sweeny, St. John Faulkner as Billy Crocker, Kevin Hilgartner as Moonface Martin, Jacob Clay as Elisha J. Whitney, Sarah Beckwith as Hope Harcourt, James Palmer as Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, and Jenna Ledet as Emma.  Hats off too to Todd Petersen, choreographer, for great dance numbers from the entire cast.

Anything 4

Anything 5

Anything 6

Anything 7

“Anything Goes” by Cole Porter is a funny, door slamming, high energy production that takes place on board a ship as Billy Crocker stows away to try and win the hand of his true love, Hope Harcourt, who is scheduled to marry Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. With the help of wanted criminal Moonface Martin, the radiant evangelist Reno Sweeny, and Moonface’s companion Emma, Billy plots to foil the marriage as they all seek to evade capture from pursuing FBI agents.

Anything 18

Anything 9

Anything 10

Meanwhile, the always intoxicated Elisha Whitney tries to woo Hope’s mother. Filled with great songs and dance numbers, it’s got to be one of the most entertaining classic shows ever from Broadway, and was done with such style and professionalism by all these young performers.

Anything 11

Anything 12

Anything 17

Anything 19

Throughout the show, Sari Koppel gave one amazing vocal performance after another, both solo and in duets with St. John (“You’re the Top”), and what was probably the hit number of the show,”Friendship”, with Kevin, garnering cheers from the audience every night. Another crowd favorite was Kevin’s rendition of “Be Like The Bluebird” as Moonface and Billy sat in the brig. St. John and Sarah sang tenderly to each other throughout the night and danced gracefully across the stage.

Anything 13

Anything 14

Anything 15

Certainly one of the most entertaining performances came from James Palmer as he let go with abandon to “The Gypsy In Me”. Bravo, James, Bravo! The sailors of the ship (Alex Crenshaw, Anthony Nigro, Felix Perry-Fernandez, Marcel Merwin, and Matt Avery) were hypnotized by Jenna Ledet (Emma) in “Buddie, Beware” and gave a fun performance of their own in “There’ll Always Be A Lady Fair”. The night was simply filled with one fabulous performance after another. The entire cast was terrific.

Anything 16

Anything 16

Anything 17

Great music, thanks to musical director, Tom Peters, and conductor, Michael Wade and the entire pit band. Daniel Moss did the set design, Laura Krassowski the lighting, and Kathyryn Vega the costumes. Director was again the amazingly talented Joey Steinhagen, and stage management from Joey’s co-artistic director of Running To Places, Gail Belokur. A long list of additional cast and crew added much talent and expertise to make this a stunning opener for the season. In a few short weeks, they’ll be back with “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat” at the fabulous new Hangar Theatre. Get your tickets early, it’s bound to sell out.

Anything 20

Anything 21

Anything 22

Thanks to everyone at Running To Places, Joey, Todd, Gail, and all the fantastic young people that make this company so much fun and so entertaining. You’re all terrific!

Anything 23

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Two weeks at the Gulf

It’s been far too long since my last blog post. It seems that it get’s harder and harder to find the time to just sit and write a post, but I pledge now to make 2011 a more communicative year.

florida 1

florida 2

With a number of business plans that involve my images from the gulf and upcoming shows, I decided to turn my family vacation for Thanksgiving into a business trip by first going through Atlanta to meet with the Barry Glustoff at Digital Arts Studio where I get my fine art prints made. I’ve been working with them for a few years but always from a distance and never met face to face, so it was about time. Barry gave me the tour and we chatted for a while. I left several files to be printed for my show coming up at Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars here in the Finger Lakes. Then into the rental car to drive down to the Florida coast.

florida 3

florida 4

While in Florida I made arrangements to meet with current clients and met some new folks as well. I finally got to touch base with Dan Bailey at Amavida in Rosemary Beach and talk about a show there in June and July. He introduced me to Arix Zalace who will handle the show arrangements, so very happy to set that up. I got to see Jenny King at Sundog Books in Seaside, who sells so many of my postcards. And met and chatted with Tommy Crow, a wonderful photographer who has opened the Tommy Crow Collections gallery in Rosemary Beach. Happy to make that connection.

florida 5

florida 6

florida 27

My goal while in Florida was to also add a sizable number of new images for use in what I hope will be a new entry into Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach for 2011. I have been in this show two of the last three years, but missed 2010. So I am looking to do something really fun for 2011 that will involve a multi-media presentation with about a thousand changing images from the Gulf area.

florida 7

florida 8

florida 9

I love this area so much and am so glad that my Father-in-law and his wife are so generous in sharing their beautiful home there with us whenever we want to visit. I arrived ahead of my family so spent the first evening watching the sunset by myself on the gorgeous beach. Tanni arrived the next day from New York and Tessa and her girlfriend, Ariel, arrived from Ohio as well, so that we might all spend Thanksgiving with Art and Cheryl.

florida 10

florida 11

florida 27

I spent each day rising early and heading out with my gear to shoot, visiting all the familiar haunts at Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Grayton Beach, and the back streets of Panama City Beach where I continue to add to my “old Florida houses” collection.

florida 12

florida 13

florida 26

I also went back to Eden Gardens to shoot this beautiful plantation house and grounds again. The place has changed considerably in the last year with a new entrance, walkways, parking, and other really beautiful improvements.

florida 14

florida 15

florida 15

Animals were a theme this trip as they have often been with my zoology major daughter. We rode out to Alaqua Animal Refuge in Freeport where Laurie Hood and a large staff of mostly volunteers care for hundreds of adoptable animals including dogs, cats, horses, sheep, geese, pigs, and more. An amazing and wonderful operation.

florida 17

Tessa and Ariel wanted to return to Gulf World in Panama City where Tessa has been “trainer for a day” twice. So we went back to pet the sting rays, and see the sharks, turtles, penguins, and performing sea lions, dolphins, and parrots.

florida 18

As a further good omen, we were blessed with a visitor on Wednesday of a roosting Eastern Screech Owl, who sat quietly all day between evening hunts.

florida 19

After the girls headed back north, I stayed about five more days to keep shooting. A couple of rainy and foggy days gave time for movies and a little shopping. I finally visited Margaritaville in Panama City Beach for dinner a couple of times after an amazing sunset as I came out of the movie theater at Pier Park. I sit listening to Radio Margaritaville as I write this to keep me in a Florida state of mind and warm inside, despite the snow outside here in New York in December. Rosemary Beach was all decorated for Christmas, so I made the stop on the way home after dinner to record the light show.

florida 28

florida 20

florida 21

My last day there was spent walking trails at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park. It was my fist visit there and, not being really familiar with the park, I arrived at about 3:00 pm with a bit of an ambitious agenda. My plan was to make my way down to the dune lakes then loop around to catch the beach dunes at sunset. It turned out to be about a seven mile walk and I’m so glad I didn’t take more gear than the two cameras I was carrying. Despite having to really keep moving at a quick pace, I found some beautiful spots. They had been doing a controlled burn in the park, so some areas were still smoking, adding a really nice quality to the light streaming through the trees. One of the rangers offered to take me to some prime spots if I would look him up when I come back. I’ll definitely go back allowing more time on the next trip.

florida 22

florida 23

florida 23

All in all, a much needed time away, a very productive business trip, and a lot of great new images. When can I go back?

florida 24

Thanks Art & Cheryl.

Copyright © George Cannon – Images, All Rights Reserved.

Adrienne and Jared wed in Geneva

Like many who chose the rare 10/10/10 date to marry, Adrienne and Jared were wed in Geneva, New York by Seneca Lake on this beautiful fall afternoon. On the Today show that morning, a numerologist talked about how auspicious the date was for those who began relationships or chose to marry on this special date. Adrienne and Jared live in Virginia, but Adrienne’s family are in Trumansburg where I live, so I was fortunate they found me when looking for a central New York photographer. They are both charming and personable people, easy going and open so I had every expectation that this would be a fun and enjoyable wedding.

wedding 1

The wedding took place in the late afternoon at the Ramada Geneva Lakefront at the north end of Seneca Lake. A beautiful ceremony, both Christian and Jewish, performed under the tent on the lawn as the sun shone on the beautiful autumn color surrounding us all. The forecast had been somewhat suspect early in the week, but Jared is a meteorologist so we assigned him the task of assuring a beautiful day and he did a masterful job.

When I arrived, the girls were already downstairs in their preparation room just off the tent area. The boys were in the wedding suite upstairs getting dressed and watching the football game (as guys are prone to do). Everyone was in great spirits and no one seemed overly nervous.

wedding 22

wedding 2

wedding 3

wedding 19

wedding 4

wedding 5

wedding 16

Guests strolled by the lake and gathered under the tent as the wedding time approached while the groomsmen waited in the gazebo on the lawn. As the ceremony began, the girls emerged wearing dresses of beautiful autumn red-orange with flowers to match. The bouquets were beautifully done by Vine Garden Designs in Trumansburg. The ceremony was simple and lovely.

wedding 6

wedding 7

wedding 20

wedding 8

wedding 9

We had a short period after the wedding for our formal shots by the water and for a few with the bride and groom before gathering inside as the sun disappeared. Introductions, first dances, and toasts followed early on before dinner.

wedding 9

wedding 10

wedding 11

Cindy Smith provided the wedding cakes which were beautifully done. It didn’t take long afterward for the dance floor to fill with music provided by Ron from Paradise Entertainment . Wedding receptions usually bloom around the personalities of the wedding party and this one was no exception. Combined with a great fun-loving group of friends and relatives, this was a party to remember. The celebration was even extended another hour because everyone was having such a wonderful time.

wedding 12

wedding 13

wedding 13

wedding 14

wedding 14

wedding 15

wedding 21

My thanks to the families of the bride and groom, and to all the members of the wedding party. You made my job much easier and  enjoyable just being your wonderful selves. Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Ramada, especially to Andy in the reception room and Teresa Robinson, the Ramada’s Wedding Planner. Everyone was truly helpful and totally professional. And thanks to Adrienne and Jared. I hope I helped make your day special for you both.

wedding 17

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A time to remember…

I was born in mid-September, so autumn has always been a season that has special memories for me. Growing up in Georgia, autumn came on somewhat slower than here in the northeast, but the feelings of the first chill air, the changing trees, the smells of leaves burning still return every year and take me back. I lived on a small dirt road (at least it was then, now it’s paved) in Decatur. Our front yard was fairly small, though as a child it felt quite large. There were two large oak trees in the front yard so leaves had to be raked. They were usually piled at the edge of the yard in the roadside where they might have gotten jumped in a few times before they were eventually burned. This would not be a raging flame, but instead a slow smoldering smokey fire that would fill the neighborhood with a wonderful oaky smell. I get those same feelings when I walk in my back yard, kicking the acorns from the oaks in the back by the fence and smell our wood stove on the chilly breeze.

fall 1

As I walked the dog this morning up past Joan and Joel’s house, there were two does watching us from across the street. Later, a little farther up the road, two more does bounded off through the woods as we approached, their white tails waving as they leapt away. Margot and I walked to our usual turn around and as we began back down the hill a red fox darted out into the road and, upon seeing us approaching, thought better of it and turned back up Joel’s drive way.  Margot bounded through the leaves on the side of the road like the child in the leaf pile.

fall 2

fall 3

Last night I went to play cards with friends on Bostwick Road. Dave and Mary Rose own the Bostwick House B&B and their gothic Victorian sits high on Bostwick hill with amazing views out across the valleys south of Ithaca. The sky was an amazing color with beautiful thin clouds at dusk and a huge full moon was rising from the east. They have several laying hens that roam the yard and scratch about, following you like pets. A rare night.

fall 4

fall 5

I walked the trail to the falls last weekend at Taughannock Park to enjoy the peak fall color. We are so lucky here to be surrounded by amazing landscapes and the glory of nature. The road sides and farm fields are so beautiful this time of year with red sumac, asters and golden rod, teasels and wild grape. Fields of drying corn and weeping sunflowers stretch out under the autumn clouds. Maples glow an amazing red-orange against blue sky. The vibrance of the colors almost difficult to look at.

fall 6

fall 7

fall 8

The splendor of this transition will be over all too soon, giving way to bare trees, cold wind, and the inevitable snows of winter. Time to hunker down and feed the wood stove and make a big pot of soup.

fall 9

fall 10

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